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    Hello guys, i love this plugin, and as must as i love it, i have a huge quantity of images, and it will increase overtime, and i am losing a lot of time organizing photo gallery. for this i have a few question

    1 – i it possible to put tags and description on pictures before uploading to photo gallery in a way that photo gallery will understand it ?

    2- is it possible to have a gallery from another selection several tags, not just one tag ?

    3 – is there a way to select more tags without losing last ones ? , i have 53 tags, and i need to select, sometimes this 6 are on 3 different pages, and as soon as i change pages i lose selection of first one, or is there a way to see more than a few tags each page ?

    4 – is it possible to select which tags will show on tag bar ? i have gallery groups that are divided on that specific tag, i don’t need that tag appearing again.

    5 – is it possible to get rid of light box, and forcing photo gallery to open a new window page ?

    i have a few more, but i can’t remember right now.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Dear @valorantcards,
    Thank you for the inquiries.

    1. tags and descriptions can be set only after adding images to the gallery
    2.3 you can select one tag at a time. There is no option to add several tags.
    4. we have no possibility for that either
    5.you can choose REDIRECT TO URL option from IMAGE CLICK ACTION: http://nimb.ws/J78jyI

    Please submit your ideas regarding the missing options here.


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    thanks very much

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    i would just like to add for future users that it’s possible to add description and tags on image before adding it to Photo Gallery by 10Web, you just need to have a jpeg image, PNG does not work, add metadata to it, add description and keywords to it, i had made a test and it didn’t work out, because i added keywords with first capitalized letter, and it does not work, it needs to be all keywords on lower case, if you still want keywords needs Capitalized letters, just add tags first on Tag system with capitalized letter, and add tags without it, photo gallery will capitalize it for you after you update page,

    if you don’t know how to add metadata, i will give you a quick tutorial how i do it but there is several ways to do it, Open http://www.photopea.com, load your picture, go to upper left corner> File > File Info, them lower left corner choose Image Description and click add parameter, repeat but this time add keywords, write everything you want in both.

    remember that tags must be all in lowercase, them go to left upper corner File > export as > .JPG, and there you go, you have an image that Photo Gallery by 10Web will recognize description and tags.

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