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    Hi – I have a few questions about your plugin.

    I have an existing WooCommerce store that already has a Stripe plugin, but I need to be able to have subscription payments for a new product where people will pay monthly and receive special products automatically.

    1. When using your plugin will I be able to designate some products in my store as subscription based products and others as regular one time payment products?

    2. Will my customers be able to make a single purchase that contains both regular one time purchase products and one subscription product?

    3. do you have any screen shots/videos of what the experience will look like to a user on the website?

    Thank you for your assistance

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  • Plugin Author wsspg


    Hi there, thank you for your patience, if I can answer your questions in turn:

    1. Yes, the Wsspg plugin creates a new subscription product type, which you can assign to any product.

    2. Yes, Wsspg handles mixed carts of subscriptions and other products.

    3. Yes, there are a few screenshots of some of the plugin’s functionality on the plugin page. The front-end experience is no different from the rest of your WooCommerce store. I highly recommend making a development version for yourself to test and experiment with.

    Many thanks for your time, and thanks for using Wsspg !

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