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  1. christheexplorer
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Hello all !

    I really like this theme and plan on using it long term. A few questions so I can better edit my site..

    1.) When I post a blog, spun randomly selected a theme that goes into the picture and adds the image extra large as a header. I do I do the selecting of this picture, and more importantly remove it from the top of my page?

    2.) Is the updated version better?

    3.) How do I create Categories? For example the bullets show my blog posts - but I would like them to show the categories I have on blogsite.

    my site if you care to look: christheexplorer.net/1/

  2. christheexplorer
    Posted 1 year ago #


    1.) still havent resolved this issue , where spun presents the 'feature image' on top of the post, extra large. If i remove the check 'use a featured image' iin my theme dashboard, can i still choose which picture will show in the circle? Will it automatically select the first photo of the blog post(i want to be the selecter)?

    2.) i still havent looked into the updater - still reading the backlogs of this forum. I do value the opinion of another user on this matter.

    3.) i wanted to create categories and have them featured. I went about this by creating 'pages' - i will use these pages to (hopefully) serve as a hub of multiple blog posts... And another page to serve as a hub for a different, unrelated set of blog posts. Is this the method others have used or is there a better way?

    All input is appreciated ;)

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