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    First of all – spectacular!
    a really nice looking template – thank you.
    There are a few things I am trying to get working which are challenging me.

      I see a previous poster, mentioned the social buttons… I too and having an issue with this, but have not found the problem
      I’ve created and uploaded my own header image, but the celestial image still remains… and my image falls in below it. – any hints?
      I think I saw in the code some mention of a demo mode check, but I cannot find anywhere to take it out of demo mode if it is in demo mode.

    I think I leave it at those 2 for now… then see what challenges me in the future.
    Thank you.

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    I see a previous poster, mentioned the social buttons… I too and having an issue with this, but have not found the problem

    If you find the problem, let us know.

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    The demo banner which is what I am assuming you are referring to is there on first install and activation of the theme…more for a visual showcase. Their is a setting in the theme options to disable the demo banner. Two ways to access this:

    1. Going to the main dashboard home and clicking on the big “Customize this site” button. Then on the Header Image tab of the Customizer window, check the box next to “Showcase Demo Banner” and click Save. This will make the demo banner disappear and then the WP header or a widget with a banner or slider can go in that spot.

    2. Going to Appearance >> Themes >> Click on the text link by the big thumbnail of the active Celestial Lite theme that is labelled as “Customize” will also open the Customizer.

    Was this what was needed for how to solve the above mentioned issues? Everything for the theme options, header demo banner, social icons, etc, will be in the customizer.

    Perhaps on my next update I should take the demo banner out 🙂

    That is perfect. I’d been through that customizer menu 1000 times… I never saw that option until you pointed it out!!
    Perhaps an FAQ would suffice… don’t take it out… that is one of the key things that attracted me to your theme in the first place… looks VERY dramatic!

    On the social icons… I see the options in the customizer menu… I have ticked the boxes, but they still do not appear… 🙁 any other ideas?

    Thank you

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    Your idea of the FAQ is something I made a note of to add it to tutorials. As for the social icons, I’m sure you did this but when you check each of the boxes next to each one, make sure you click Save and Publish. If it still doesn’t work, let me know and I will tackle this tomorrow when I am back in front of my computer (currently not at my studio this evening).

    Well now… that IS strange… I had done this… so I thought, I’ll just do it again, (just to make sure)

    So I unticked, and then reticked the Facebook option to get save and publish to reappear…

    Lo-and-behold… the Facebook icon appeared…!! 🙂

    The strange part is that twitter and g+ were also ticked… but did not appear… so repeat process… untick and retick just those 2.. and lo… they appeared!!

    Thank you again from

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    Little odd isn’t it, lol. I will have to look into this for the next update. The on/off function for this WP customizer is a little finicky but will look at an alternative solution, although doing what you did works 🙂

    I am very new to this, please help me. I did a nice custom Header:

    I am now trying to add another custom header. The header is smaller so I resize to 1920 x 340 (Celestial Lite) it is too big and it blurs both header images to the point that they look bad. The slider works fine and the first header works fine at 1920 x 340 but when they second header is resize and uploaded it doesn’t work.

    I am biting my nail trying to figure this out.

    What to do?

    Thank you.

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