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  • Bear with me here… I have a few issues since I upgraded from 1.2 to 1.5 and could use some help. I have asked people to email me with specific problems that they have found on the site.

    …When I logged in to change my email address and then went clicked view site to go back I found that my email address update wasn’t updated in wherever the comments fields are held. When I tried to send a comment it said my email address was wrong which is only true if the field, “Mail (will not be
    published) (required)” is not reset or whatever. I had to leave the site and “clear all” in Firefox. Before clearing all I tried to post a comment after leaving the site and coming back, but it still recognized me as logged in. Therefore I cleared all(cookies,etc).

    Yeah, I can’t even comment on my own blog because when I do, I get this message: “The email address you entered was invalid.” I have no idea what to do to fix this!

    Okay, problem #2

    Why doesn’t the register work. It says an email has been sent, but… it never arrives? Forget your password, same problem. Thanks …

    Yes, and I have also gotten complaints that some people seem to be “banned” from the site too!

    Finally, for now, when I try to click on the “previous entries” on my main page, I get:

    “The requested URL /wp/page/2/ was not found on this server.”

    I’m assuming something is wrong with a php call somewhere>

    Thanks SO much for your assistance!

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  • Tek,
    There has been some major bug squashing going on in the back rooms at WP World Headquarters. Have you poked around the bug tracker to see if your issues have been logged? You may even find that some or, hopefully, all of them have been dealt with. in case you don’t have the URL. I only have a few minutes at the moment, so I can’t really can’t offer you any real assistance here, sorry! :\

    PS: A little birdie told me that a release candidate for version 1.5.1 may appear in the near future, but don’t tell anybody.

    Oh boy.

    Maybe I should wait for the birdie to sing then. I don’t want to go screwing about in the code then another upgrade comes up. I’ve been working too hard on my new, fantastic, glam, layout!

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