• Hello,
    I love this plugin so much but I am having a few problems with shipping options:

    1. When I set ‘Collect Customer’s Instruction?’ option to yes and then type something like: “Please enter your shipping address”, it makes a mess of the layout. Because “Please enter your shipping address:” as well as the text box get in the space used by the product name.
    See snapshot: http://db.tt/GLdoBJSi

    2. Let’s say the the customer didn’t enter the shipping address and made click on ‘proceed to secure checkout’. There is a line called ‘Click here to enter your information’, when clicking it, it just empties the shopping cart and goes back to the cart page.

    3. Whatever information I decided to request from the customer, in the email received from paypal, this information comes together with the description of the product, like if it was taking the description of the product together with the info given by the customer.
    See snapshot: http://db.tt/TH1OCFSj

    4. When the payment has been finished, it takes you to the page called ‘Thank you for your order’. there is a link there that will take you to the “Thank you” page, but it says ‘Return to (here is the email address of the seller)’ How can this be changed to say “Return to (website name)”?

    I thought this could be caused by a conflict with a plugin or something in the site, but I installed several times and also made a fresh installation of wordpress in another host and made sure no other plugin was installed but all this keeps happening.

    You can check the site here: http://jomeba.net23.net/store/

    Thank you for your help!


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  • Plugin Author n.showket


    some of these are specific issue which i can fix once you upgrade to premium.


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