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  • When I wrote my first newsletter and pressed “test”, I first got a Wordfence warning and had to whitelist the request, then I got an error message that I had no test users defined, then my newsletter was lost and I had to re-type it!
    * Please auto-save the newsletter as it is being written.
    * Consider using the Gutenberg editor
    * See if there is a way to auto-whitelist with Wordfence (probably the culprit for where the data was lost)
    * Allow setting the test email addresses at the Newsletter UI, rather than the subscribers UI. I’ll want to test the newsletter with different email addresses each time, particularly addresses

    The settings are often unintuitive and could be helped with descriptions.
    * Disable standard styles – I thought this would disable the dark-mode style of the UI… I’m not sure what it does
    * What’s the difference between Log level: debug and Debug mode: yes
    * Feed by mail
    I’m not asking here what these do, e.g. there’s a documentation page for Feed by mail, but I suggest you add a quick explanation inline in the settings and link to the documentation.

    The API TNP::unsubscribe() is good, but there’s no TNP::bounce().

    I really don’t like the dark mode and would pay just to remove that!

    When looking at I scroll down and try to click WooCommerce but it’s not a link. I have to use the menu to get to the WooCommerce detail page. There’s also a small spelling mistake on that page: “to comply with UE privacy laws” -> “EU”.

    Thanks for a great plugin. I’m only getting familiar with it but it’s impressive so far.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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