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  • hopefully someone can help here… there was originally 3 points, but I managed to solve the Asides issue.

    Firstly, the amount of posts displayed on the front page is bugging me, in the previous version there was an option for the last 7 days (ie. one week) since the last post was made, now the 7 days option means the last 7 days posted, so if you don’t post that often it could be the last two weeks on the front page. How can you change this?

    Secondly, When I click on a monthly archive link I don’t get to see the entire month, again it’s the last 7 post days of the month. Call me old fashioned, but when I click on the monthly archive link, I expect to see the month, not part of the month. Now I have to add a navigation link at the bottom of the pages, something I don’t want to do, just so people can see earlier posts in months or categories. Again, how can you change this?

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  • Have you changed the available options in

    I looked there… and the options are just 7 days (which does the above) and 7 posts (which I assume does exactly what it says on the tin)

    7 days being the 7 last days with a post has been around since early 1.3-alpha, at the very latest. i think its that way because it prevents the frontpage from being empty.

    Technically the page wouldnt be empty, there would always be one post on it…

    So no answers how to resolve these minor technicalities?

    The archive.php template file could probably be modified somehow to override the built-in “# of days” value. Just gotta figure out exactly which variable to change 🙂

    UPDATE: attempting this now – seems like a good idea 😉

    Nope, not gonna happen. I don’t know where to change the source to get the last 31 “physical” days listed instead of the last 31 “post” days.

    Even though I like the idea of having an entire month’s posts on one page (sort of – that might be a really big page), I’m not sure it’ll happen. You might end up with a page containing a hundred posts then, if your blog is really busy. Then, in order to be consistent, a yearly archive would have to display an entire year on a single page. That would easily hit 150 to 200 entries on a single page.

    Perhaps a second pair of field can be added to the system for archives specifically? Another “# of days/posts” selection that only affects the archive pages 🙂

    “Even though I like the idea of having an entire month’s posts on one page (sort of – that might be a really big page), I’m not sure it’ll happen.”

    Why not? it’s the way it was/is in 1.2

    I just mean the “new” way seems more logical. Why can’t the archive pages be paged as well as the index page? It keeps loading times low, and you don’t end up with 40 or 50 posts to scan through to find what you’re looking for.

    But like I said, it might be a good idea to have a seperate paging criteria for archive pages. I only show 6 posts on my index page, but I’d like 10 or 20 on the archive pages instead. Particularly if your archives only show the summary info instead of the teaser text.

    Yeah, I know where your coming from, it frustrates me more due to the fact that the navigation links arent working, therefore 90% of my posts are pretty much unaccessable right now

    Your nav links aren’t working?

    I have to say, I’m in the process of trying to transfer over my Movable Type site to WordPress using a recent 1.5 nightly, and the archive pages being broken up into sections is (apart from waiting for a 1.5 release) the one thing that’s preventing me from switching. To me, displaying an entire month or category archive on 1 page should be the default, with an option to split the page up by number of posts or days available in admin or through tags. IMHO, the current admin setting for this should affect only the front page, as per (IIRC) the current stable release.

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