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    Hi there, and welcome to the Flare WordPress plugin support forum! This post answers a few of the common FAQs about the plugin:

    How do I get support?
    Flare is a proof-of concept plugin, meaning that there are some bugs, and that we’re not able to offer direct support for it. For the time being, we’ll be fixing critical issues as they pop up, however the plugin isn’t in active development.

    But wait! There’s a good reason for this – we’ve created a hosted app version of Flare that works with virtually any website or CMS, including WordPress. And it’s still free – go try out Flare Lite!

    What’s Flare Lite?
    Flare Lite is a hosted Web app version of Flare that works with almost any website. It’s built on our app platform called Filament, which enables you to install and manage Flare, as well as all your other favorite Web apps, from one place. You’ll never have to bug your developers or go messing around with code again!

    Ok, how do I install Flare Lite on my site?
    You have a couple of options – both are easy and take just a couple minutes. First of all, sign up for a Filament account here – it’s free:

    Once you’re signed up, you’ll be provided a piece of code to paste into your website. From here, you can:

    1. Paste the code just before the </head> tag of your website (it’s usually in the “header.php” file of your theme. If you don’t have access to that file, you can also paste it into a text widget in your sidebar. Or…
    2. Install the Filament plugin on your WordPress site:

    Once installed, simply paste your Filament code into the plugin, and save, then return to Filament, enter your website URL when prompted, and check your connection. If the dot turns green, you’re good to go!

    Learn more about connecting your website to Filament.

    Why should I use Flare Lite instead of the Flare WordPress plugin?
    For a bunch of reasons: We’re actively developing Flare Lite, and will be adding new features and improvements over time. Since it’s a hosted app, Flare Lite will load faster on your site, and we’re able to fix bugs much quicker than with a plugin, which is dependent on many more variables, like your web host, your WordPress configuration, your theme, etc.

    What if I want to stick with the WordPress plugin?
    Go for it! There’s no obligation to use the hosted app version =)

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  • abryant14


    In the Flare Lite, is there a way to center the icons when I have them above and below in a post? That doesn’t seem to be possible with the wordpress plugin. Thanks for the help.

    Plugin Author telepathy


    @scott Flare retrieves the sharing counts from each of the platforms (FB, Twitter, etc.), so we’re currently at the mercy of the data they make available to us. Pinterest in particular doesn’t have an official way for us to integrate with their system (hence why robust apps being built for Pinterest are few and far between right now). We’re definitely keeping an eye on this for news that’ll help us make this better.

    @yourevilmind Correct! The Flare app on Filament is a TON lighter on your server than the WP plugin

    @abryant14 Yep, we added this in Flare Lite – screenshot. Currently the plugin just lets you align them left/right.

    I love you plugin, after searching the net for more 4days i got your plugin the best in desing as well as usage.

    Can you help me out with two things
    1) I want to show the button on my home page for all posts, can you please help me for the same.

    2) after clicking facebook like it does not to share the link on facebook wall or timeline, can you please help me fixing the same, else i have to use another plugin only to share on FB.

    Thanks in advance


    Why don’t you have a YouTube button????

    No, the site loading Flare version still sucks. It’s buggy as hell, you cannot arrange the icons in the order you want, you cannot stop them from showing on category pages or the index of blog posts. There’s too many reasons NOT to use the version you are pushing.

    I’d have invested by pre-purchasing the pro version, but there’s too much stuff you have to work out to make it worth my while.


    I love the flare plugin and I still don’t see what advantages the user will have with playing with your online interface. Willing to try though. First things first, here come 2 questions:

    1. If I move from the plugin version to the hosted web app, will I lose the current flares on my site? Some of my pages have hundreds of them.

    2. Some posts don’t work, and I don’t why. Check for instance. Any idea why? Would the hosted version solve that?

    Thanks for your support.

    Plugin Author telepathy


    Hi agatzebluz

    Thanks for the questions! Some answers for you:

    1. No. The sharing counts are pulled directly from the service (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and are tied to the URL upon which Flare is installed. So long as you’re not modifying the URL at which the content is located, the counts should stay accurate when moving from the plugin to the hosted version.
    2. I’m not sure what might be causing the issue you mention, although the fact it’s only happening on some of your posts makes me suspect there might be another interactive element on the page interfering with Flare loading the sharing buttons.

    As for the benefits of hosted vs. plugin, shoot us a note via the chatbox in Filament, and we can answer any questions you have.



    Hi guys, the flare counts do not update in real time. Is there a typical delay to expect?
    When will the pro version available, I pre-ordered it a while ago 🙂

    Thank you for your answer.
    Answer on question 1, got it.

    As for question 2, I see this issue happening in 2 of my pages:

    I have found nothing specific about these pages. No fancy stuff, nothing. Any clue?

    As for the benefits about the hosted version I will go to your chatbox in filament 🙂

    Ok, I installed the snippet version of Flare by Filament and now the pages that didn’t work seem to work properly. Any reason why?

    Ok, so I’ve just seen this plugin on another site, and it looks great.

    I don’t want to use the hosted app as I’d much rather use the WordPress plugin. My major gripe with the hosted app – why would you change the word “Share” to “Flare” ??? Are you trying to rewrite the web? 🙂

    That point alone stops me even considering the hosted version.

    If I switch to the app after using a completely different plugin will it still retain my share count?

    Flare Lite and Flare wordpress plugin is installed in my blog but i didnot like the Flare Lite icons, Can you please tell me how i get these share icons ( )

    You can also check my blog to see my problem, See this

    I am using the flare plugin and I really like it, but I would like to exclude it from certain pages. For example, I do not want the share bar to show on my contact and FAQ pages. Is this possible? Thanks.

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