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    Hi there, and welcome to the Flare WordPress plugin support forum! This post answers a few of the common FAQs about the plugin:

    How do I get support?
    Flare is a proof-of concept plugin, meaning that there are some bugs, and that we’re not able to offer direct support for it. For the time being, we’ll be fixing critical issues as they pop up, however the plugin isn’t in active development.

    But wait! There’s a good reason for this – we’ve created a hosted app version of Flare that works with virtually any website or CMS, including WordPress. And it’s still free – go try out Flare Lite!

    What’s Flare Lite?
    Flare Lite is a hosted Web app version of Flare that works with almost any website. It’s built on our app platform called Filament, which enables you to install and manage Flare, as well as all your other favorite Web apps, from one place. You’ll never have to bug your developers or go messing around with code again!

    Ok, how do I install Flare Lite on my site?
    You have a couple of options – both are easy and take just a couple minutes. First of all, sign up for a Filament account here – it’s free:

    Once you’re signed up, you’ll be provided a piece of code to paste into your website. From here, you can:

    1. Paste the code just before the </head> tag of your website (it’s usually in the “header.php” file of your theme. If you don’t have access to that file, you can also paste it into a text widget in your sidebar. Or…
    2. Install the Filament plugin on your WordPress site:

    Once installed, simply paste your Filament code into the plugin, and save, then return to Filament, enter your website URL when prompted, and check your connection. If the dot turns green, you’re good to go!

    Learn more about connecting your website to Filament.

    Why should I use Flare Lite instead of the Flare WordPress plugin?
    For a bunch of reasons: We’re actively developing Flare Lite, and will be adding new features and improvements over time. Since it’s a hosted app, Flare Lite will load faster on your site, and we’re able to fix bugs much quicker than with a plugin, which is dependent on many more variables, like your web host, your WordPress configuration, your theme, etc.

    What if I want to stick with the WordPress plugin?
    Go for it! There’s no obligation to use the hosted app version =)

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  • So the hosted version had no way to remove the branding other than paying for it?

    Yet again, it’s very contradictory and confusing. I know Jason has made a point here and there and somewhere along the development you made it optional.

    But here it is, the same product which you are not providing support for, then made a [more tedious setup, non-plugin] hosted version and force a pay-to-remove.

    I’m sure you know by now, most of us installed this because of the pretty icons right? And surely you know there are plenty of other plugins that has pretty icons as well. If you are going full on to disappoint us loyal fans, I think you’ve achieved that.

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    Hi wjwc

    Correct, the free hosted version displays a link back to us, and it’s optional in the Pro version. Right now, Flare Pro is in preorder, meaning you can get it for a massive discount. As I mentioned, the WordPress plugin isn’t going away either, and is still free, so there are now 2 options open to you, if you prefer not to give us a link.

    Support will be coming for the Flare Pro app, but it’s currently in Beta, so we’re busy squashing bugs right now, to make sure it’s stable for as many people as possible. We’ll be adding a lot more features to it in the near future, so it’ll soon advance beyond what you’ve already seen in the plugin.

    I hope you’ve developed a standalone plugin for that, because even through the filament plugin, i can’t get the flare to show up. I’d suggest you make it possible to insert it via the widgets menu. I don’t know how to use the css selector to do this.

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    @wjwc Sure, just use the little chat window in the bottom right of the app to shoot me a note, and I’ll be happy to help you get up & running. =)

    Berrie Pelser


    I just tried the Flare Light hosted version on my site: but the Flare bar (icons) did not display correctly (they where all having the Twitter logo in them), the buttons where off and the popup of Twitter dit not work. (there was only a BIG word TWEET in there)

    The WordPress Plugin works almost perfect in comparison with the APP. Only I would like to see that I can exclude pages to NOT display the Flare bar.

    And it would be nice if the Pinterest button would open a NEW window! and showed the number of shares on mouse over. Also the share numbers of Linkedin is on a seccond line 🙁

    So at this time I do not have a choice but to use the WordPress plugin. Another question when do you think the Pro version will be ready for use?

    Screenshot: Flare_bugs

    Plugin Author telepathy


    Hi berartvisualdesign!

    It looks like Flare is actually working correctly – here’s what I’m seeing on the site you linked to [screenshot]

    Note that the app is still in Beta, so there will be some bugs that we’re in the middle of addressing. You can help us out with this by reporting any problems you find – just click on the “Report Bugs” tab at the top of the screen.

    With regards to Pro, we’re still refining Flare Lite to make sure it’s a good product, but once we feel confident it’s there, we’ll be looking to roll out the Pro features. I can’t give a specific timeline, but we’ll definitely be looking to begin within the next couple of months. In the meantime, you can preorder for Pro, and get a nice discount on it!

    hello there, it’s works good on my post templates but it isn’t on the custom post type such like portfolio single post. is there a way to display it manually inside the template just like a do shortcode way ? thanks

    My pinterest flares have disappeared from my flare bar on my site. I am using the wordpress plugin – and they used to show up, but don’t anymore. The site is: Can anyone help?

    I have one critical problem that’s keeping me from using Flare at all: it breaks the formatting of my posts when I activate the plugin.

    Specifically, when I activate it, it eliminates the word-wrap of text around the featured image, even if I DON’T have the plugin display at the top of the post. That means my featured images appear with a huge block of white nothingness, then the text appears below the image rather than starting to the right of the image as it should.

    I’d like to have the plugin display the vertical side position and above and below IF I could place the code manually so it would stop breaking the text wrap. Is there any advice on how to fix this?

    Here’s a typical post to show you what I mean:

    (The plugin, at this moment, is NOT activated, but you can at least see how the text is supposed to wrap around the image.)

    I appreciate any information.

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    @crezilla Yup, you can manually specify an element for Flare to attach itself to. Check out this option in the Flare Lite app:

    @comfortablefood Please submit a bug report from inside the app, and we’ll look into it. Thanks!

    @patricksplace As I mentioned, we’re moving away from the plugin in order to focus our efforts on the app, so you might be able to ask the community for help in a separate thread.

    I’m so disappointed. I liked the plugin exactly the way it was. I preferred it over all others. Now it’s going to be clunky and bloated like Shareaholic and the others.

    @shannon make sure you get Shareaholic v7. We agree the plugin has gotten too bloated. v7 is a complete re-write that addressed all the bloat.

    Plugin Author telepathy


    @shannon Glad you liked the plugin! The Flare app is actually a lot easier on your site, since it now loads asynchronously – meaning the page doesn’t have to wait for Flare to load completely before rendering, like the plugin does.

    Hi! We have the same issue with the Pinterest count. I submitted a bug in the back end of the filament site.

    The website is where we are having the Pinterest count issue.

    Thanks for the assistance.



    So does this mean that using Flare via Filament will lighten my plugin load in the server? Thank you so much in advance!

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