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    Greetings all, I am in the current process of making a political hypocrisy site. Hence why my username is political.

    What I have so far on the index page looks great! http://hypocrisy-now.com/

    However, I want to use a different theme on various pages. For instance if you go to http://hypocrisy-now.com/libertarians.php The right and left hand columns are still there. I would like them gone. Also I would like

    I want the four pages {libertarians.php, conspiracies.php, conservatives.php, and liberals.php} to add the following .css code

    <style type="text/css">
    .content2 {
    	padding:10px 0;
    	width: 1000px;
    	float: right;
    .rows {
    display: block;
    	padding:10px 0;
    	color: #059BD8;
    	background-color: #EFEFEF;
    	font-size: 18px;

    This style will change the homepage style to make it look like more of a grid layout where the posts are smaller and you can see all the articles based on whatever category you clicked on. I had it set up perfect in HTML, and now I'm just trying to convert it to wordpress, but I've run into some issues.

    I've been reading the documentations and I know that I can use two different themes, but since my header.php uses the get_template_part method to extract different parts of the CSS code the sidebars are all still there no matter what changes I make to various css files. I am not sure how to fix this mess.

  2. moderategop
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    Yeah I fixed it.

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