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  • mrboats


    Just moved the plugin from staging to live and noticed a few more minor things:

    1) Some texts (at least Mail subject, perhaps others) get a dash between words (so “My email subject” becomes “My-email-subject”.

    2) The Twitter tweet contact used to have the option to add a default tweet text, this seems to be gone now in the new version.

    3) When updating (installing?), some defaults are a bit counter-intuitive, eg Width is set by default to 0%, took me a while to “find” the contact bar after update as I assumed that setting would be preserved).

    4) The “Update” function does over-write all communication settings so you have to manually recreate the settings from 1.4.1 after installation/upgrade.

    5) I kind of liked the fact that I could make the bar background (and tab?) a bit transparent in 1.4.1, now the alpha channel seems gone?

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  • Plugin Author anna.bansaghi


    Dear @wpseiskaadmin,

    it sounds that the upgrade process run on an unexpected way on the live site, and I do not know why.
    Can you please tell me what differences were between the update processes of the stage and the live sites?

    Opacity: Maybe it was a bad idea to remove that option. I did it because you can adjust the alpha channel individually on Bar Color, Icon Color, Toggle Color. There is a horizontal slider at the bottom of the color picker.

    Thread Starter mrboats


    The staging site was quite a mess as I have been testing all kinds off stuff for a major upgrade so I quite frankly did not pay much attention to settings before and after there.

    As for opacity, now that you mention it, indeed it is there, just didn’t pay attention!

    Plugin Author anna.bansaghi


    I have tried to reproduce the updater error (the 1) – 4) errors in your first message) and it occurred in my case when the WP nonce has expired. I do not know if that is what happened on your site too. It is very annoying because it happened with me during the plugin development but I totally ignored it assuming it will never happen on the users’ sites. Still I do not know if there is a standard way to check the expiration, I will take a closer look at it.

    I checked the options in the database after the broken update, and it can restore itself, although all the settings have to be set back manually, as you said before. Another possibility is deleting the plugin through the Plugins page. That way it will clean up the database after itself, and one can make a fresh install with initialized settings and empty contacts.

    I am really sorry for that. I would like to hear your suggestions and feedback in the future, they are very helping.

    Thread Starter mrboats


    No probs, it was just a couple of minutes of editing to get the stuff back to normal!

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