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  • Hello.

    First of all, thank you for a terrific forum. I think it’s very important to recognize the tremendous work you’ve put into this, and believe me, when my next paycheck comes, I’ll donate. Absolutely terrific.

    I do have a few issues that you may be able to help me with.

    First and foremost:

    The tiny X’s.. What do I do? They appear on Chrome and IE, but not FireFox. It seems that I am missing pictures, but I downloaded the entire package of ElegantPress, the skin I use.

    Secondly, and I know this may be out of your hands, the forum can not be viewed properly on mobile devices. Is there a setting or an additional plug-in I can use?

    And finally – wow, I am truly sorry for just piling on like this. Trust me, I wasn’t kidding, I DO love your forum. Don’t get the wrong idea 😉 – I was wondering if my users can get a different way to log in than having to go through WordPress? I see some people have mentioned this, and you mentioned a new update or version, but I’m unsure if this version has been published yet.

    Anyway. That’s all, and once again, I thank you for a tremendous product. Truly wonderful. Easy to post, easy to read, great overview. Very nice!

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  • Anyone? Hello? Bueller?

    To solve the issue with the X’s showing pictures missing, you need to copy the wpf.class.php file that you downloaded with ElegantPress theme, the file should be located in the zip folder. wpt.class.php file should be copied to wp-content/plugins/mingle-forum. Please note that a file of the same name is already in the folder, I assume it’s for the default theme, so it’s best if you backup that file first before copying over the new one. When this is done, activate your theme.

    I’m also looking to find a solution to person’s loggin in through wordpress. It’s kinda stupid how this is even possible in the first place as users can see our dashboard and even interact with jetpack.

    Please anyone one out there with a solution.

    Just saw some comments in another thread, so it appears this issue has not been resolved. We are actually waiting for an update to fix the issue.

    In the mean time, can someone shear a working plugin that acts as a work around?

    I actually got the image problem resolved. The skin creator had accidentally saved his images as PNG-files, where the code said it should be GIF-files.

    I just changed them, and voila!

    But the rest of it.. Yeah, still not resolved and I’ve searched a long time now.

    Have you had any luck in trying out a new forum option?

    I’ve been looking at bbpress before this one but it seems so dam complicated to setup and customize.

    Heh. I’m in the EXACT same situation as you. Been looking into BBpress as well, especially since it works with Tapatalk, but I’m no CSS shark at all, and there doesn’t seem to be downloadable skins?

    Exactly, and it sucks. BBpress seems to be the most popular wpforum option with tons of plugins but no downloadable theme. I really hope they release a new version of Mingle Forum with a solution soon. this sucks…

    Don’t think they are. It seems the author has somewhat given up on the project due to his education.

    But hey, let’s make a deal. If one of us finds out something important regarding BBpress that makes it easier to build, let’s use this thread. I could sure use a wingman on this project.

    Sounds like a plan, i’m in. I’m going to be at this all weekend but starting Monday I will do back to work, so if we don’t crack it by then. I will only be able to communicate after 6:00 Pm EST.

    Anyone else viewing this who has has good info, we would love if you could shear.

    Sounds like a plan.

    Just wanted to shear this for a little laugh. So it seems someone made a website to support the Mingle Forum plugin right, but it seems they got upset and uninstalled the plugin. here is the page

    all you see there is:


    Heh. DAYUM!

    :), so I guess that’s evidence that Mingle might be gone for good..

    Well, back to BBpress..

    BBpress: It’s just as easy to install and set up as Mingle in my experience, but there are few things that needs to be fixed:

    1. Users, topics and posts needs to be transferred.
    2. Styling, as we talked about.

    Aaaaand, that’s it. Because BBpress is Tablet and Mobile friendly, which is sort of a big deal for me at least.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)
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