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    When on “PauPress Options” > “Manage Fields”:

    • After selecting “Add a Field” multiple times, then attempting to expand any of the added fields; it expands the first field, always, instead of the selected field.
    • And selecting “Add a Field” it takes 3-10 seconds for the field to appear. Tested on multiple sites on different servers hosted by Media Temple and Site5. As a user I’m expecting a loading symbol and instant adding of the field.
    • After selecting “Add a Field”, and the user attempts to move that field into a Section; upon selecting “Save Your Options” it disappears.
    • Upon selecting “Save Your Options” the light box effect overlays the screen and informs the user is saving and that the save completed but then it proceeds to reload the page. If the data is going to be saved via an AJAX request, like that, then why is it reloading the page? I understand it’s because there’s not, currently, a way for those fields to be repositioned and updated to display correctly, but my point is that this AJAX request could be completed with a normal PHP Post action, reduce the load/save time and not disorient the user with an additional overlay that is unexpected as a WordPress user.
    • Since the save button is at the bottom I constantly have to scroll down, it would be nice if it was fixed bottom right, or at least duplicated to the top right of the page. Better than that would be auto saving every time I add a field!
    • I spent a lot of time manually entering a value for “Key” when I expect it to auto-populate based on whatever I enter into “Label”, then allow me to change it if I desire.

    I don’t know if these are already on your radar but I’d like to know if you have an ETA as to when they’ll be patched, as these bugs cause me to take about 5-10 times longer than if they’re resolved (because I have to add fields one at a time currently and save in between each time I drag-n-drop).


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  • Plugin Author havahula



    apologies on the delay in replying.

    the first item you mention (added fields constantly triggering the hide/show on the first field) I am not able to duplicate on any current version of PauPress or WordPress. Have you tried disabling any other plugins to see if there is a conflict? Also, have you placed any text in any of the added fields? Lastly, did you press the “add” button multiple times in quick succession?

    for the latency issue, that does sound like it might be either a server or a browser issue as it is an AJAX request and we haven’t seen a latency like that yet. Are you experiencing similar delays when adding search parameters on the search engine?

    for disappearing fields, make sure that you have key and a field type set. If that persists, please let us know.

    As for the lightbox-AJAX expectation as well as the fixed “Save” button and auto-generated keys – those are great feature requests. The last two are quite easy to implement whereas the lightbox-AJAX expectation is there for a reason as the fields are processed at runtime and, due to PHP’s restriction on the number of variables posted to form, AJAX requests actually fail at times. We’re actually developing a much better solution that still preserves the data portability standard we built into the application but that is about two release cycles away at least. So, your patience is appreciated there…

    Will look forward to hearing back from you.

    Hey! I totally understand about the delay, I’ve experienced problems with getting notifications too for our Plugin.

    The first item I’ll check for Plugin conflicts but I tested it on two sites. Though they might share a similar Plugin.

    I’ll try the search parameters.

    I’m definitely always setting the key value.

    GREAT to hear about the latter part!

    Thanks, great plugin!

    Plugin Author havahula


    Since we’ve addressed these items on the pro support forums and by email, I’m going to go ahead and mark these as resolved to tidy things up on this end.

    Thank you!

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