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  • Hi there,

    we’ve been just opening our site

    It is a blog with lots of nice pictures of Rome and recommendations of cool places.

    To develop an easy way to build a growing map with all the posts, we’ve tried many plugins with little success.

    So we’ve designed a custom Google Maps plugin.

    What we accomplished:
    *Automatically placing a Google Map inside every post just writing the address in a custom box.

    *Generating a Global Map with all the posts, placing this global map in a standard WordPress Page via a simple shortcode.

    We’ve been developing this plugin and it’s already downloadable for free: we’d love to hear some feedback
    Will submit to the repository as soon as it gets accepted too.

    Hope it helps somebody in a task that proved a bit longer we expected.

    It should work out of the box for building a simple geoblog.
    The plugin is easy to hack to accomplish lots of possibilites – if your issue is geocoding or displaying multiple markers on a map, it may prove very useful.

    Have fun!

    PS: would love to hear some comments as the site theme is concerned too!
    Thank you so much

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  • I am happy to announce the plugin is available here:

    Found this Plugin as a recommendation, downloaded it to test.
    But i am interested how the site is build up with your plugin, it looks like something i was searching for, i am no coder so i wonder if it is possible to get more information and/or help to make a similar website like

    Kind regards.

    Installed and upgraded plugin today.
    Set up a seperate page with an existing address.
    No map is showing.
    Just the adres submitting is enough?
    Please advice.

    Dear Hakob,
    did you setup the google API key?
    Please re-check your steps here:

    Install/Setup/Instructions Plugin Tutorial page

    I’ve done many fixes today – so it might be agood idea to upgrade again.

    As the theme is concerned, it will be released during July!

    Dear Hakob,
    the Address field is for single posts only, not for pages.

    This is fixed in 1.2.6 (I am publishing it right now)

    Upgraded and placed in Post instead of page.
    Works !!!!

    And will go one testing wuth it, i am not a coder but will wait patiently for new releases and theme.

    I am thinking to make a similar setup for Benidorm.

    Many thanks for now…

    I am very curious how you implement several adresses and markers on the same page, Romeluv looks fantastic, seems so simple, but so efectiv.

    The instructions for building the global map are here:

    Thanks for the good feedback!

    New update today.
    Solved for me the problem with adresses in Spain (Benidorm).

    If you need help testing let me know.


    Just corrected a nasty bug which wouldn’t geocode places in US…and added some options for automatically displaying the map in the single post BEFORE or AFTER the content….

    Love the site! Excellent use of Google maps.

    Thanks Gabe!

    I’ve made some more progress: now in the Global Maps
    you can have instead of the classic Google Marker, a custom image: the post thumbnail! Have a look here:


    It’s kinda strange but cool to navigate the map this way IMHO.

    I’ve added in the plugin administration theme a specific option for deciding if the markers should be custom icons or post thumnails. We are still working on these features, a new plugin release in on the way in a very few days….

    Some people asked me what WordPress theme I’m using on The answer is in this video, it’s an upcoming theme release:

    Cool add-on Romeluv.
    Looks great, ok a bit wild but nice feature.
    I think a hover option with the name would be smart now to find what you seek ??

    About the Theme, subscribed and waiting, but about how it works, can you give some hints how a page is set up and linked, category page and a shop page?

    Appriciate every hint for testing and playing.


    Pages and categories are just inserted in the classic menu with the stardard cool drag and drop Wp 3.0 gave us.
    The maps in the dropdown are just static links to the same page adding the category parameter to filter the global map, as explained in the tutorial

    Shop is just a category, like eat, drink & chill.

    Maybe I didn’t understand your question properly!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 35 total)
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