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  • Hi!

    What does it take to insert a new house style in the plugin?
    I am not a developer. Just want to see the the script running with the house style i am experimenting with.

    Thanks a lot!!


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  • Plugin Author isabel104


    Please see the FAQ or this help page shows you how to set a house system in the shortcode. It also has the list of all the available house systems.

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    Beloved Isabel,

    I am a proposer of a house style based in a sound research in which i spent 20 years. If the universe is made of vibration, or made of sound as many scientists believe, then the house style or system i am indicating may be very interesting to say the list.

    I would love to try this plugin if i could set my own house style.

    I saw the help page but i am not sure i understood. I don’t want to choose among house systems, but to define my own and then choose it. Is it possible for me to do it not being a technician? Can i learn how to set it myself?

    It is simple:

    The 0 degree of the zodiacal model falls exactly 45º before the Celestial Equator in the sidereal calculation. 45º degrees before the Vedic ascendant.

    Thank you so much for caring.



    Plugin Author isabel104


    I’m sorry, I misunderstood. Now I see, this is very intriguing.

    I can make a separate tiny plugin to add a completely custom house system (“Arun House System”). But to do this, I need to understand the formula for calculating it. Because the ephemeris can calculate some of the points automatically, but I had to write the manual formulas to calculate some of the points.

    I can do the math and trigonometry very well, but I have almost no experience with Vedic astrology. So, I apologize if the following questions are nonsense:

    1. Is the Vedic ascendant the same as as the Sidereal ascendant. And if so, which Sidereal method is the correct one to use? For example:

    • Fagan/Bradley
    • Lahiri
    • De Luce
    • Raman
    • Ushashashi
    • Krishnamurti
    • Djwhal Khul
    • Yukteshwar
    • Galactic Equator

    2. Would the first house be 45 degrees before the Vedic ascendant? If not, how is the 1st house calculated?

    3. Are the rest of the houses equally 30 degrees apart?

    4. Is the Ayanamsa needed for these calculations?

    Again, I’m sorry if these questions are silly because I have almost no experience with Vedic astrology.


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    I wrote a letter, a PDF file. How can I make it reach you?

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    I sent via contact page…

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    Don’t you drop by anymore?
    Waiting 🙂

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    I love you!
    I wait your response with care.
    Thanks for your great plugin.


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