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  • I like the way each comment is in a table.. none of the AlexKing ones have this…

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    That is CSS and is fairly easily added.
    This page should have enough info to get you started:

    seems like a lot of work!
    im lazy. i just want to edit a template a little 🙁
    maybe i’ll have a go at doing this later

    damn this CSS is tough..
    im attempting to create a design in dreamweaver using tables etc.. then putting the php code in….
    its hard work and i’m gettin nowhere!

    No tables are necessary. Why not just add a class of .post to the CSS and style it up nice and fancy. ?

    joec: Your method isn’t the one practised by the majority here. I am not saying this out of zealotry, but for pragmatic reasons: in your case, this is the more complicated way. The web site you like doesn’t use tables either, in fact looks like it could be quite easily reproduced with the WP css file, or better by using a Gemini template (–> search). I would know — my own css skills 6 weeks ago were quite exactly zero. Podz gave you the right place to start.

    Well you looked pretty stylish to me serendipity right out of the gate 🙂

    i think i’ve just realised the dreamweaver method isn’t worth the hassle…. 30 minutes later…
    i’ll try this Gemini one now..

    Thanks for that. Once you get Gemini running post again. Those fancy *table* posts are very easy to knock out in the CSS.

    Root: Well, thanks 🙂 . Except that horrors were happening all over the page some time or other … but that’s the price for learning web design!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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