• After implementing CartBounty on my website, I’ve noticed a significant omission in its email open statistics: the lack of specific information on which emails are actually driving conversions. This absence severely limits the ability to make informed decisions and optimize cart abandonment recovery strategies.

    Moreover, being restricted to only three follow-up emails seems arbitrary and doesn’t fit the needs of businesses with more complex or personalized recovery workflows. While the concept behind CartBounty is promising and can add value in managing abandoned carts, these limitations negatively impact its practical usefulness.

    I hope future updates of the plugin will address these critical points, thereby enhancing its functionality and adaptability to various business scenarios.

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  • Plugin Contributor Nauriskolats


    Hi @juato4, thank you so much for sharing your feature request with us. Your feedback is incredibly valuable to our team as we strive to continually improve our product.

    Want to point out that only in the latest version we have released Dashboard and abandoned cart stats. I have added your feature request to our wish-list. And as we are developing our product in an agile approach – we try to release new versions rather frequently and then listen to our users as to what could be improved, may be missing or could be done differently.

    Your 1 star review unfortunately does not really do any good in terms of our product further evolution and neither it helps to keep our team motivated. It actually does the opposite considering the huge amount of work, time and thought that has been done in the past years to get us so far 🙂

    And considering that the reports and top product report have been released just recently, you could just sent us a feature request or added a support ticket. We understand and already have on our hands a lot of interesting and valuable report ideas that could be useful to be added in the next version releases, but we would like to take some time to listen to our users before jumping to any new improvements right away.

    So with that being said, me and the team behind CartBounty would really appreciate if you could update the review as one star does not really seem fair.

    Kind regards,

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