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  • Hi there,

    Really intuitive plugin you have here. I’m using this on a WP theme for someone who needs to be able to easily update their slider and this seems to do the trick.

    Just a couple of things:

    1. If the client is going to add a short code to a post to pull a slide group in, how can that be forced to appear above the navigation? Does this need to be a CSS fix or is there a simpler way?

    2. As you haven’t got simultaneous fade in and out enabled on this plug in yet, which part of the JS file do I need to edit to enable this (you mention the jQuery ‘easing’ property in a previous thread, but not sure where it needs inserting).

    Many thanks in advance,

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  • Plugin Author Eric Amundson


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    Howdy Martin,

    Glad you’re enjoying the plugin. I can answer your first question right off, but will need to look into the second and possibly have our developer respond.

    Regarding #1, though, this will depend a bit on your theme and how it’s constructed.

    In some cases, where you want to embed a slider that doesn’t need to be easily editable by clients, you can wrap the shortcode in a PHP function and embed it in a theme template like:

    <?php echo do_shortcode("[ic_do_slider]"); ?>

    If, instead, you need an editable area that the client can tweak, I’m sure there are several legit ways to go about it.

    First thing that pops in my head first would be to drop the shortcode into one of the custom fields and use some PHP to ‘pull’ that shortcode into an embedded PHP function within your template. This could work on a per-page basis.

    So, using the example above, you’d embed the entire shortcode into the template, but replace the actual shortcode with some PHP that checks to see if your custom field contains a shortcode and, if so, drops it in the function.

    Of course, you’d need to wrap the whole function in the check to see if the shortcode exists, but that shouldn’t be too hard.

    We’ll get back to you a bit later today regarding your other question.


    Thanks for your reply – yes I think the shortcode/custom fields thing is the way to go with query (1). That makes a lot of sense.

    Unfortunately the slider does need to be edited by the client on a per-page basis else I would have just templated it.

    I look forward to your reply to my second query – and thanks for being so prompt, I wish others on the WordPress plugin pages were as responsive.
    Kind regards,

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    Plugin Author ivycat


    Hello Martin,

    Right now I’ve not figured out a way to get the fade in and out to sync up and I tried many different ways. Currently there aren’t any hooks that would allow you to change variables (speed, etc), but our github has a newer version of the plugin we’ve not yet released to the WP repo that has some of this functionality.

    If you want to play around with the Javascript and see what you can do feel free, if you want to contribute it back once you solve it, we’d be more than happy to implement it.

    I know it’s been ages since I posted this, but the custom field thing is working on this site.

    $slidegroup =  get_post_meta(get_the_ID(), 'slider-name', 'true');
    echo do_shortcode("[ic_do_slider group='".$slidegroup."' quantity='5' fadeIn='3000' fadeOut='3000' speed='4000' size='large' hide_title='yes']");

    I know it can be reduced to one line, but for clarity I kept it at two.

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