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  • The larger images in Media are great but I have a couple of other issues with it:

    1. How can I make it default to “Uploaded to this post” instead of “Images”? I add new images every time and never use old images.

    2. The Caption and Alt Text fields are way too narrow for east entry and editing. They appear to be only 19 characters whereas captions and alt text can be much longer than that. Can these panes be split horizontally instead of vertically so the text entry fields are long enough to actually be useful? I enter lots of images every day and suddenly it’s a real pain (I have about 40,000 images in the database).

    3. There is also a bug in the right pane. After dragging an image into the system, let’s say I enter the text for the Title. Then I want to cut & paste that text into the Alt Text field. After copying the Title text, as soon as I click on the Alt Text field the entire pane redraws, putting the cursor back into the Title field, resulting in me adding the same text to the Title. This has happened to me several times. I’m using Chrome Version 23, by the way.

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  • Let me add one more weird problem with Media that continues from previous versions:

    4. You drag a bunch of photos into Media and start working with them. You stop and save the draft. When you come back into Media those images are now displayed in reverse order. This makes me crazy.

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