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    I’m having a couple of issues that I would really appreciate your help with:

    1) In Firefox, everything looks fine. In IE, the RSS button does not place itself correctly. It is supposed to be in the center of the coffee cup, but in IE, it shows up waaaaay to the right if you scroll.

    2) Blog title – I am using a theme made by someone and added my blog title in the form of a graphic in PhotoShop. When you look at the RSS feed page ( there is no title anywhere.

    I’ve tried adding it in the options part of WordPress, but the title text will show up on the home page under the graphic. Is there any way to avoid this?

    Much thanks – you all are great!

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  • Hi Cee,

    I’m missing the RSS button entirely -did you take it out?

    As for the blog title, you could put the title in just after your image, in the same div, and then use CSS to hide the title. Hard to show you how though when the title isn’t there right now. 🙁

    Hi Supernovia –

    No I didn’t take the RSS button out… I wouldn’t even know how to do that… haha. I’ve noticed on some computers with IE you can’t scroll to the right to see the button (!?!)

    I took a screen shot of it here:

    Would it help (for the second issue) if I added it in for a bit for you to look at?

    Hmm, I’m not sure whether this will do the trick, but try editing your css like so. Change this:

    .rsscoffee {
    Position: absolute;
    Margin-top: 120px;
    Margin-Left: 120px; }

    to this:

    .rsscoffee {
    Position: absolute;
    Margin-top: 120px;
    Margin-Left: 120px;
    left: 0px;
    top: 0px; }

    As for the other, yeah you could add it in, but I’m not in all the time to check it out. So if it’d be a problem to show it on a live site, maybe you should make a copy of the page with the title added in. Just make your change, view your source and save it as an .html file, undo your change, and then upload that html file to your server, if you can.

    Hi Again — Please see attached for the pic & source for the second issue:

    Screen shot of what happens:

    Source Shot 1:

    Source Shot 2:

    p.s. – your code worked!!!

    The RSS button is now where it is supposed to be inside the coffee cup in IE!

    Thanks so much you are awesome!


    Hey! Sorry, my charger-cord blew out for this laptop. Got that taken care of, so I’m back 🙂

    Glad the RSS worked for you!

    Can you save that source file as test.html and upload it to your space? I sortof think if you’ll edit the header here:

    <div class=”header_logo”><span>blah</span><p></p></div>

    so it says this:
    <div class=”header_logo”><h1>blah</h1><p></p></div>

    (Essentially changing the span to an h1) … And then add to your css like so:

    .header_logo h1, .header_logo p { display: none; }

    that COULD do the trick … but if not, do just save a copy of your source file and upload it (As an html file) to your web hosting space so we can take a better look.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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