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  • Question #1
    I recently set up a blog powered by WordPress on my site. It seems to work great with the new template etc and i’m quite happy with it. However, I used Go Daddy to create the database etc. And i’m a little unsure what happened. Did it actually create an account with WordPress for me? Do I even require a wordpress acount for this or is the password etc just managed through my blog on the admin page. If so, how do I create the password? I couldn’t find it on the Admin page….

    Question # 2
    I have downloaded a couple CSS templates, would it be possible to use this CSS template and just have certain features of the WordPress blog plugged in? Or is that a huge undertaking. At the moment i’m only familiar with HTML.


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  • All Go daddy did was to create the database user. Your wordpress.ORG, wordpresss.COM, and your blog are all completely different systems not to be confused as having just one username and password.

    Have a look over this. It will require a little work getting your templates to work with wordpress, but it’s very satisfying to make your own template.

    thanks for the reply, i did not know they were all completely independant. I have it set up and working now. So what are the advantages of hosting your own WordPress? Is it just that I can customize it? Can I not create themes for WordPress.COM accounts?

    Anyway, thanks for the link, hopefully I can just plug certain elements of my blog into a CSS template.




    Can I not create themes for WordPress.COM accounts?

    the simplest way to see what you can and cannot so over at is to look through their FAQ:


    The short answer to that question is NO, btw.

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