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  • Hi:
    I’ve been reading some posts that seem to suggest that WordPress already uses mod_rewrite by default. Or atleast there is a way to ‘turn it on’ in the control panel. Is this true?
    I’m going to install two versions of WP, one that takes care of the ‘regular blog/journal’, and another that handles full articles. But I’m having trouble understanding how to take a paragraph or so from the full article and link it to the full article. Can this setting be modified in the WP control panel?
    What might be the best way to go about this? Use WP like a regular blog and link to static pages with the full story…will the full story archive correctly?
    As usual, any help is greatly appreciated-

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  • YES!
    I’ll be back with some questions I’m sure, but this is awesome. So the article gets ‘archived’ just like your posts?
    But it looks like you all of your article(s) are being archived monthly With your regular posts. I assume I’ll have to do things a little differently because I’d like to have a separate section just for articles. I’d rather not mix the two in the archives. That’s why I mentioned two installs. That way I could have the journal entries…and the article entries stored in different database tables. This would allow me to split the site up into an articles section and a blog section (just to drive the point home). Know what I mean.
    But thanks for your help, it really makes sense to me…I’ll be back.

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