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  • Hello,

    Today, i introduce my plugin WP Socializer which is a COMPLETE socializing plugin.

    Download | Documentation

    WP Socializer is a advanced and powerful plugin for adding social bookmarking links, retweet buttons, Google buzz buttons, Digg buttons, Addthis buttons, Facebook buttons with inbuilt setup. You can add all the above buttons/widgets at once or separately also

    This plugin combines the features which 6-7 plugins have. So definitely this acts as a all-in-one-plugin.

    Complete feature list

    Social Bookmarking Buttons
    Contains a total of 98 Social bookmarking buttons / sites with 16px and 32px icons.
    98, 16px buttons and 36, 32px buttons are available.
    Sprites support.
    Drag and rearrange buttons order.
    2 button on-hover effects (Transparency, Jump, No effect).
    Can show/hide labels for the buttons.
    Can change the default icon set.
    Can show the buttons in columns for effectivity.

    Addthis share/bookmark button
    Configure addthis widget within wordpress and use along with other buttons.
    Add or remove sites from addthis widget.
    Change widget color, title etc.
    Can change language for buttons

    Google Buzz buttons
    2 types of Buzz buttons available (Post to Buzz and Follow on Buzz buttons).
    Configure the button’s size, text, counter etc within.

    Retweet Buttons
    3 retweet services available (Tweetmeme, Topsy and Retweet)
    Change the button sizes within.
    Colors for Topsy buttons.

    Facebook Buttons
    2 Types of facebook buttons available (Like Button, Share button)
    Configure full settings within.
    Custom buttons
    WP Socializer allows to add custom buttons to the site also. Eg: dzone, delicious or any other widgets can also be added. Has 2 templates for adding the custom buttons

    Template based placement
    WP Socializer is based on a template system. Each share button/widget has a specific code to be used in the template. So the buttons can be arranged within.

    Has 2 templates
    10 options for each template to display the buttons in the post, date, archive, excerpt etc.
    Can show the buttons above or below the post or both.

    Other features
    Very simple admin interface.
    Fast loading and less memory using script.
    SEO Optimized.
    Theme functions for seperate buttons are also available.

    See screenshots here

    Hope this plugin will suite your needs and site !

    Consider giving a good rating to this plugin to encourage my long term work.
    Thank you

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