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  • Hi.

    I want to create a blog, where I can upload a daily comic, as well as a column, INDEPENDENTLY. The problem I find with most of the “plugins” I’ve seen, don’t allow for this. This site:, for example, has a comic uploaded (with comments etc), and a blog column (with comments) simultaneously.

    In other words, I want to be able to upload a comic, and THAT particular comic musn’t interfere with the written column (as in the URL example). I’m not sure if I’m making sense.

    I think that URL is possibly exactly what I’m looking for. How does one do that?


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  • Hi,

    I don’t really understand your problem…

    You create one category for comics and one category for articles, and then you call them on the archives pages by category. Nothing problematic.

    Since is powered by wordpress, why not contact the owner and ask them if they’re using a plugin and what it is? Most people don’t mind sharing that.

    It’s a little more than creating one category for each I think… it’s the placement of them.


    (@wordpresschina) is run by and they seem to have done lots of tweaking to everything… lots of customization and it seems to be in how they organize the categories.

    Hi again,

    I truly don’t see anything extraordinary there, or someone would have to point me to what it is.

    I use categories this way completely without plugins. A matter of in- and excluding and specific archive pages, que no?

    I think what he’s saying is he wants a comic rotater plugin, that runs without the comic being a post. This comic would essentially be like a banner ad. His articles could be added sporadically, like 3 in one day, and not again for 4 days, but each day the comic would change, on it’s own, without him doing anything. Perhaps he could preload the comics a week at a time.

    Now, having said that, it could still be done using the wordpress system, with some custom adjustments to a theme. He could load the comics as a post in a comic category. He could adjust the timestamp so they appear in the future, once each day, so he could preload them if desired. Then, on his theme, he would pick a spot and put in code to display one article from the comic category. All he really needs to do is modify the theme page where he wants that to happen. And he would need to modify the index page to show posts from all categories except the comic category. (This just so they don’t show up in the chronological list of posts, only the specially displayed one will be visible).

    Now, fokjulle. Do you know how to do that?

    Thanks for the replies, so far. Okay. Um. I’ll try my best to explain this.

    1. The comic, which is daily, must appear at the top of the blog. It must have its own “comments”.

    2. Underneath that, I must be able to write a column – two, if need be – without altering the comic that appears at the top. As I understand it, if you create a new page (column), a new comic will want to appear, too. This is not what I want. Plus, this column must have its own “comments” too.

    Very similar to the URL in this thread. Do you understand a bit better?

    I’ve contacted Off Panel, but it seems they have a very standardised setup. I’m convinced that what they have, is possible to create free for distribution. I mean, it’s really just a comic (with comments section) and column area (with comments section), if you ignore the advertising stuff.


    “Now, fokjulle. Do you know how to do that?”

    Manstraw, you are spot on. Sadly, I have NO idea how to do that. 🙁 Any help would be fantastic…

    Hi again,

    ok, I’m beginning to grasp what you mean. Let me try:

    You want the comicstrip to always be the first post.

    You want your articles to range as posts underneath it.

    Each has to have its own comments.

    Misunderstanding comes from the fact that EVERY post in a category has ALWAYS its own comments. That’s nothing special!

    Secondly, this is either a variation of the adhesive plugin with which you can make a post a “sticky” on the front page, or it is something which you maybe can achieve with your template.

    I haven’t looked into this, but it ought to be possible to variate the plugin so that it pulls always the latest post from the “comics category” as a sticky.

    Or you re-write the template so that on the top it displays 1 post from the category “comics” and below that x posts of the category “articles”.

    LHK, that is also spot on …sort of. But I think I prefer that Bug-basher’s way of doing it, if you navigate the site.

    Hi fokjulle,

    err… could you explain what’s different there from what I suggested? I don’t see it.

    LHK, on second thoughts, you may have a point. I am willing to try your way, but I am very useless at this. You’ll have to do it baby steps, for me. You helping hand, that is.

    I’ve downloaded the Adhesive plugin…

    The comic on the bugbash site is not a post btw.

    “The comic on the bugbash site is not a post btw.”

    This is true. It isn’t a post. Does anyone know how to copy that adaption? I am no coder, but am willing to plug whoever can help, on my site. I don’t get more than a few thousand hits per month.

    If not, I am happy to see what help I can get from you guys…

    I will help you. Just send a mail to me @

    it wil not cost anything, just my time, and your patience

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