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  • I moved to a new city after an awful divorce. While I was moving,
    I lost my eyesight to Glaucoma, and I had to switch banks and paypal accounts
    because I was moving to a new city. Anyway, my hosting provider, Future Hosting,
    because I was 3 days late on paying my VPS hosting bill, deleted my VPS, and my
    offsite backup, and when my computer was in the shop being worked on, the
    guy who replaced my motherboard accidentally swapped my C: and D: drives around, where D: was where all my wordpress template and website backups were located, so to make a long story short, I lost my website, and all its backups, in 2 seconds. 15 years of my lifes work down the drain! oh I was so pissed!

    Now that I got a new hosting provider, I’m having to start all over again.
    took me 15 years to create the last theme, so I’m looking for a pre-made theme
    now. The one I like best so far is the i2Theme from its the one most like what i had before, with the moveable sidebar items and everything, so I’ll probably install wp and that theme when I get a chance.

    My question though, instead of having WP on, I thought about just having WP installed on the root of, since the only traffic I ever got from my site was with my blog anyway, so I figured I might as well just take my users right there. My question is, when wordpress is installed there in the root public_heml path, is there a way to create just a static page that tells everyone about myself? because I probably do want that, but the rest of the site just a blog, is there a way to do that?

    being blind now I kinda have trouble with these things now. thanks

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  • I’m not a hundred percent sure as to what you’re asking, but if it’s how to create a static page as your front page instead of a list of your most recent posts, then you can just do it from the dash board.

    First make the page that you would want to appear on your front page. Then under “settings” click “reading”. Then under the first choice: Front Page Displays, select “a static page”. Then from the front page drop down menu select the page you created earlier.

    yeap, thats what I wanted to know, thank you 🙂
    then what would you put as a link to the regular blog posts?

    You can put a top navigation of your categories inside which will be your posts. Putting the following in your header.php file will show a complete list of your categories:

    <?php wp_list_categories('arguments'); ?>

    Here is the link that explains the variations of this particluar template tag:

    so there is no way is what your saying?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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