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    I have been through so many cart plugins, trying to find one that will work with all that I need, and I am out of ideas.

    I need a shopping cart that can do ALL of the following (not one or two, but all of them):
    – discount codes for total amount spent (e.g. spend $25, get $5 off)
    – discount codes for percentages and numeric value (e.g. Here is a code for 5% off; also, here is another code for $20 off)
    – discount codes for categories (e.g. if you spend $50 in Cat A, you get $10 off; but if you spend $50 in Cat B, you get $20 off).
    – custom checkout fields
    – the ability to use PayPal as a payment gateway
    – can generate reports (custom or not; just show me who bought what and all the custom fields mentioned above should naturally be included in the report)
    – in stock/out of stock control

    Before someone responds with “then why not build you own!”, I’m aware that I should not be complaining for things that are open-source and free. I’m simply looking for a plugin that fits all of the above, if it exists. If it does exist, please, someone point me to it. I beg you.

    Desperately yours,

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  • Moderator Kathryn


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    If you can’t find a WP plug-in, have you considered using a full-fledged shopping cart system, rather than WordPress?

    Hi zoonini,

    Yes, I tried.

    Sorry, I should have mentioned that. I tried ZenCart, but the caveat was that I wanted it to LOOK the same as the existing WP site. And, as we all know, ZenCart and WP don’t play nice together. At. All.

    So, rather than recreate the entire header/menu system, as well as the footer, and have to update both versions when a new menu item/logo/anything is added or changed, I threw ZenCart out the window.

    I am open to other suggestions, I just came to the painful conclusion that a WP plugin was the best way to go.

    Moderator Kathryn


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    I hear you about ZenCart. I used it once (sans WP) and never again. 😉 Mind you, this was a while back – it may have improved.

    That said, if ZenCart has all the payment features you need and no WordPress plug-in does, and you don’t want to hire someone to code something custom for you, and your main concern is keeping the header & footers in sync… you may want to look at using something like ZenCart for the store, but pulling in the WordPress menu & footer via PHP includes.

    Thanks zooini.

    I tried exactly that (pulling in the header and footer via PHP) and even tried breaking them out into manageable includes.

    That also failed miserably. Since WP uses all their own vars, and defining all those outside of WP is just plain nuts and duplicating work, I ditched that idea after 3 hours.

    I appreciate the replies.

    I kept hunting around and I think WP e-commerce may actually do all of the above. The ONLY drawback is that the coupon isn’t automatically applied to the checkout cart; but I’m sure I can find a way to hack that (such as pass a coupon=whatever var when the page is loaded).

    I’ll mark this as resolved, since there is a lack of a better term. 🙂

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    OK, glad you found a quasi-solution. Good luck!

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