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  • Not quite as done as I want it (and internet explorer is give me lots of hassle), but I would like some feedback on teh color scheme, graphics (or lack thereof), fonts, and anything else that you feel could be improved.

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  • I like the looks of it. I really like the colors together.

    I like the look of it. My family is from Big Stone Gap, so maybe I’m biased…

    FF Mac 1.0.6 doesn’t want to load your style sheet. With the web dev plugin, I tried to look at the style sheet, but you have a style sheet for 1024??

    oops, sorry about that…I was trying something out and forgot to delete it…it should work now.

    thanks for the positive feedback so far. I really am looking to “spice it up” or something…it’s too bland I think, but I’ve been feeling so uninspired lately…

    What I like most is the non linear approach to posts. I’m very intrigued by the concept, and as blogs become more, er, mainstream, I think approaches such as yours will be focused on more. Just as a side note, if you haven’t seen Theron Parlin’s new theme squible you may be interested. I am sincerly rethinking my approach, and may want to explore the concept of tags vs cats, and less “narrative” approach to my postings.

    I really like the layout and the color scheme, especially. All it really needs now is some polish.

    this is fantastic. easy to read, lots of spaces between text and clear and clean to read. superb!

    Nice job with the design especially with the lovely colour scheme and layout.

    The only thing is it probably looks a little bit too plain/flat. However, that said, the minimalist styling has a charm of it’s own. Well done!

    thanks gang…I agree with ifelse that’s it’s a bit too plain, I’m just not sure what to do about it. I”m an historian but also a web designer, so I wanted something “historical” yet modern. I dunno if I should put some kind of image in the header or what.

    The squble theme that miklb mentioned is really nice…kinda what I was going after, especially by featuring the latest post near the top of the screen. I may play with my layout a bit after seeing it.

    Oh, and if anyone has suggestions for fixing this site on IE6/Win I would greatly appreciate it. The columns top margins don’t line up. I’ve been messing around with it on and off for weeks now, and have been running around in circles.

    like the interesting design/layout but also agree that it’s way too plain.

    A suggestion to add a bit more interest is to add a gradient to to center content areas. Nothing with too much contrast just a slight darker to light (your bg color), sort of like this

    The other thing is that because your site logo is fairly small, reduce the height of your header a bit. You may also use a slight top down gradient here as well, just to give it some depth.

    I like the spacious feel though, nice job.

    Thanks Joebar and chrishes. The golden pride choir site is really nice (and has been featured at Unmatched Style recently). I added a little gradient to the bottom of my content div, and I may play around some more with gradients.

    Anytime and it’s looking better. Like the color combos, another suggestion might be to play with the typography a bit. Maybe go with “Georgia”, serif on you headings and something like “Lucinda Grande”, verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif on the body font.

    It’s got a bit of an old world style to it, the Georgia font fits nicely with that.

    Just some suggestions, looks like you’re on the path to a nice site.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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