• These people are absolute amateurs and incompetents. Their tech support is practically non-existent. I have a time-sensitive scholarship program to support students attending college. Their program has caused dozens of applicants submissions to be lost. I contacted them in October. It took them more than a month to even address the issue (which I mistakenly thought they had done only to discover by accident that more appolicaions had been lost), and then it took them two weeks to fix it.

    For a second time I trusted them as the program seemed to be working fine. Now I discover another dozen or more applications have been lost. I wrote their online support with a frantic request for assistance. 5 days later I’ve heard nothing from them.

    A bunch of amateurs

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    I am very sorry you feel this way, but I don’t understand what is happening. We have answered all of your support requests in a timely manner, as we do with all tickets. I have just checked our inbox and there isn’t any unresolved ticket from you. Maybe you could give me more details?

    Also, the issue with the uploads from yesterday has been resolved, and I have just checked your form and the uploads work correctly. So please help me understand what the matter is.

    Thank you,
    The CaptainForm Team

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