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    Thanks for sharing, Annie! I’m glad the plugin has been helpful for you!

    I’m in a meeting right now, but your links are exactly what I need to find a solution for you. I’ll be looking at it in Firefox shortly, and will get back to you with what I find.

    Thanks for being so clear!!

    Fantastic – I’ll check in later.
    Thanks Paul!

    Plugin Author PD.CM


    Hi Annie,

    This should be resolved for you in Styles: TwentyEleven version 1.0.2. I credited you in the changelog — thanks for reporting this!

    It makes me smile to see that you’ve been so creative on If you continue to find Styles useful, please share your thoughts on the plugin review page!



    Hi Paul,

    What excellent service! I’m so impressed!

    I will absolutely write a review for your plugin.

    So will an update button pop up on my plugin page, then?

    p.s. I’m happy you enjoyed my blog!

    An update just appeared and it worked beautifully!
    You’re awesome Paul!

    Oh dear, I think we had a little hiccup.

    I just realized that the plugin that was causing the problem was Styles, not Styles: Twenty Eleven.

    As soon as I reactivated Style, the blob came back up again.

    I’m so sorry you worked on the wrong plugin!

    Plugin Author PD.CM


    I think it’s likely the correct plugin — you’ll just have to change the setting again to get new styles to be written for your site.

    Go into the customizer, change your comment background color, then save. That should make the triangle go away. Then, change it back to the color you’d like.

    Does that do it for you?

    Ahhhh yes.

    Initially, when you fixed it so quickly, I thought it was too good to be true. And then when it didn’t work, I thought well I guess it WAS too good to be true.

    And now I know it’s both good and true. Fer real.
    No more blob!

    And now I’m off to write you a spectacular review!

    Plugin Author PD.CM


    LOL. Thanks Annie! Have a great day!

    Plugin Author PD.CM


    PS: While looking at the way you had set the comment background to white, I noticed that the white triangle was cutting off the border slightly.

    I had tried to think of a way to add the border color before, but it’s a bit complex, because the original theme uses an image for the arrow — I have to replace it without using images.

    I thought of the solution while looking at your site, so if you upgrade to version 1.0.3, you’ll see a new option for comment border color that takes the triangle into account.

    Oh, fantastic! I was wondering what that was…

    I don’t see the update option yet, but when I do, I’ll try it.

    You really go above and beyond, Paul.

    Again, it’s good and true!

    It really looks awesome Paul – I’m so happy!

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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