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  • Two things with this: one’s a bug, and the other is a “can you give a little more info” kind of thing.

    The bug: With all plugins (save Gravity forms and Gravity Forms Directory & Addons), the “Back to Directory” link on single post view goes to my contact page instead of back to the directory page. (If I have “Theme My Profile” on, that link takes me to the login page.) I can’t find in the plugin anywhere how to edit this to take me back to the proper “member-profiles” page. And again, this is with ALL plugins off, save the necessary ones to make this one work.

    the “I need some more info”: I want to customize the layout of the single profile view. I understand how to add_filter and all that – but the site simply redirects me to the add_filter() in the WP Codex “for more information.” This doesn’t help. I want to know how to *pull out* the information so I can choose how to display it. I’m 100% capable of rolling up my sleeves and getting dirty with code, but all the documentation on the website does is tell me hook names (a few – then it ends with “search for “do_action” and “add_filter” in the plugin’s php file) and then tiny snippet examples of how to change bits of text here and there. That’s not what I’m looking for. I want to overhaul the whole page layout – but for the life of me I can’t find a nice example of just some action or function that will pull out the info I need so I can place it where/how I want in the page. Do I need to do my own queries and such for that sort of thing? I wanted to just copy the “lead_detail()” function and put it in my functions.php file with my edits, but I can’t even do that because it relies so much on functions that won’t work outside of the core file. Do I need to rewrite everything to pull off what I want?

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  • Fixed the bug. Added this to my functions.php file:

    // "Back to Directory" link goes to the wrong spot. this fixes it.
    add_filter('kws_gf_directory_backlink', 'link_to_member_directory');
    function link_to_member_directory($entryback) {
    	return str_replace('login', 'directory', $entryback);

    (for anyone that may want to know, it was linking to the “login” page, but I wanted it to link to my “directory” page.)

    Hope it fixed it permanently… but we’ll see!

    Ditto to your first post… I’d like more control over the formatting, too.

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