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  • Hi Pat, first thank you very much for developing this plugin.

    I was getting a 404 error for some of my Xerte pages, it took me a while to spot the problem. The url link to the Xerte page generated in the iframe is not creating hyphenated urls for multiple word titles.

    <iframe src=" to Research" width='1020' height='740' />

    should be

    <iframe src="" width='1020' height='740' />

    In fact it seems it generates it from the post title and not the permalink. This means it may not pick up on duplicate post title names, which also happened to me. I actually had two posts called Introduction to Research, one was an ordinary page the other the Xerte page. The Xerte one should have read ‘introduction-to-research-2’

    Anyway hope this helps, cheers Mark

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