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  • I looked everywhere for a solution that would send my media to S3 storage AND allow Amazon CloudFront to serve it, and each review I read or google result I followed said to try W3TotalCache – but W3TC only does one or the other. This plugin, however, does BOTH – and does it very well with only minor limitations that they are planning to release in a Pro version.

    To anyone having issues with content uploading to Amazon S3 (as mentioned in the reviews) make sure you add the permission for “authenticated users” to your bucket, and remove any unnecessary bucket policies as mine caused issues initially. THEN, regenerate all image files or run them through a batch image optimization program, which will trigger existing images to copy to S3. All new images automatically go to S3.

    **I would NOT suggest enabling the option to delete local content after S3 upload until you know for sure that it’s working perfectly for you.

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  • I have added the Full Access policy for S3 and CloudFront, tried also without CF at all. Added Authenticated users permission for bucket.

    Plugin is even able to create a new bucket, but still complains it’s in Read-Only mode, the policy is wrong, and of course nothing works.

    I can see I am not the only one, and support is really bad.

    @mikicot – I’m not an expert at bucket policies and I never got the plugin to work when I had a policy in place, so I removed my bucket policy and relied solely on the permissions for myself, authenticated users and any others that AWS needs as defined by the checkboxes on the permissions section.

    I basically opened the bucket policy popup and deleted the contents (until I can find a policy that works) and without *anything* in the bucket policy box, I got this plugin to work. NOW – if anyone from the support team knows specifically how we can block everything BUT this plugin and requests originating from our site via a “tested and true” bucket policy, that would be helpful.

    Regarding support being “really bad”, I suggest you donate a couple cups of coffee to the author(s) and I bet they’ll get right on this – as OUR bucket policy problems are somewhat outside of their scope. 😉

    it actually worked, when i allowed the plugin to create a bucket for itself (itis hardcoded as US-based then, though).
    still, although the photos were uploaded, they did not appear on the website properly… haha, I think I am generally done with WordPress, I donated already my template by 50$, and when I saw the code.. I was terrified, never again 🙂

    Plugin Author Brad Touesnard


    @mattylb Are you interested in beta testing the pro version and addons of WP Offload S3? If so, send me an email. You can find my email at

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