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  • Converting to WordPress was like reading a fast paced highly addictive novel. I just finished it and it’s bliss. Take a look at my bliss. Many thanks to Carthik, RandyWalker and another gentleman (I fail to remember) on for a smooth transition.
    Many thanks to all those who develop this product with a passion. Hats off.

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  • Nicely done, I’m impressed.

    unoamigo: gee, thanks!

    Agreed … Looking great! Congratulations!

    thanks, gregor!

    Looks very nice. I’m looking at it with Firefox 0.9.1 and there is a small grey outlined box to the right of the header photo that doesn’t look like it should be there.

    Looks cool. Welcome to WP. You are too modest on your blog. In a fortnight you will be hacking to death like the rest of us. 🙂

    Nice and simple! 5 stars from me mate 🙂

    noahpb: Thanks for those comments! I’m using firefox 0.9.1 too. looks okay to me, but I’ve noticed that grey patch in IE sometimes (actually header repeating), but not in Firefox. Try reload (as with any CSS layouts with border hacks). Seems to be working okay in Safari as well. I’m not on a Mac box, so I use this renderer: .
    Might be easiest way for people without Macs to see how their site looks like on Safari.
    Root, Anonymous: Thanks, guys!

    This is a shame. There is a CSS positioning issue with the head graphic. It is not sizing consistently. In IE it is leaving white space at the right.

    Hi Root, thanks for reminding me 🙂 . I know this actually. It’s a small graphic; not a positioning problem. I’m 50px short of the required head graphic size. It was supposed to be temporary until I get my image roller scripts and better (& cleaner) images ready. Damn, too busy at work to clean-up. Take care u guys 🙂

    Resize in photoshop?

    Nah. Its not the image. As I thought its the sizing. div#wrap has a combined width of 740px but a hack of 720. Dont you just love CSS?

    It really is the image. Right click on it and check prop: 640px x 154px. It’s supposed to be 700px width 🙂 No photoshop. Too expensive for a hobbyist. More like Irfanview 😉

    body has a min width of 700px 🙂

    Well there you go. IE wont do min width.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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