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  • Folks;

    I want to place the content of a WordPress blog page inside of an html page that has its own header and footer. I want all the branding to remain but ‘shoehorn’ in the rich output of WP.

    As you can probably allready tell I’m not a web designer.

    It seems to me that if I could get WP to create its page without a header that I could place the result inside a frame on the desired page.

    Does anyone aware of theme that is designed for a purpose like this?
    Anyone have general tips or experience on how to accomplish this?

    Thank-you for your time!

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  • a WordPress blog page inside of an html page

    That might work with an ugly iframe – but that’s bad solution, although some people use it. Google for iframes.
    On a php page/file there might be more elegant solutions.


    Does you reply mean that you are not aware of any “headerless” themes?

    What does “… On a php page/file there might be more elegant solutions…” mean?
    What is a “php page/file”? I Googled various forms of that and can’t seem to make heads or tails of what you are getting at….

    Thanks for your effort!

    No, there are no “headerless” themes. Why should there be any? People use WP as it was designed: a stand alone blogging tool… and more and more as a CMS.

    A PHP file is just that: filename.php (and not filename.html).
    E.g. about.html = a HTML file; about.php = a PHP file
    BTW, the whole WordPress has been written in PHP, as you probably noticed.

    Googaby – are you saying that you’d like to have a blog on your site, but maintain your existing look and feel (branding)?

    You have a lot of options, here are a few:
    1) install WordPress in /blog and configure as necessary. Modify the default theme (or create a new one) to match your site “branding”

    2) switch to using WordPress to power your entire site and create or modify a theme that fits your needs.

    3) use an iframe (as mentioned above) to load WordPress and modify the default theme as you desire. You could easily strip out a lot of the header/footer stuff in a WordPress theme – just to get the content.


    OK that’s helpful but I’m needing for a bit more detail.
    I’m really new to WordPress and can skim PHP.

    What fie would I modif?. I tried commenting out the <style> plus <?php wp_head(); ?> from the header.php file in the theme but it didn’t do anything…


    I redesigned the header of my blog and it was easy if you know photoshop, or I can help you do it. What theme are you using – I will take a look and see if I could redo the header; also what is your url of website so I can look at the header you use now.

    Do you know any CSS? 🙂

    I think you can wrap the header of the Default theme in a div with some CSS for display:none. Or define the existing header wrapper as display:none.

    Or otherwise reduce the size & visibility of the header. Look around in the default theme’s style.css file, and at the same time look in your default theme’s header.php file.

    Find the divs in header.php and re-define them in style.css.


    p.s. I don’t think iFrame is a great idea, it’s not very elegant or pretty, but if you need to do it for now, I bet you can. The other ways of doing this make a nicer site (like migrate your whole site into WP after you learn it).

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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