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  • I recently found WordPress, and loving it as much as I do, made it the front to my site. My site is basically a blog that focuses on a little bit of everything: technology, science, politics, culture, the internet, etc. I’ve already written some essay-style articles, and try to add content on a daily basis.

    I’ve also got some photos up on my site using the excellent PhotoStack.

    I also use WordPress on the page for my coding group’s website,

    Check it out, read it if you like it, and maybe you’ll come back to it in the future.

    BTW, I love this forum.

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  • Is there not one person who can give me some constructive criticism?

    I like it. Nice simple easy to read theme. Post length is right on target. Topics are interesting. Headlines are good.

    It is a good blog. Keep at it! Grow your audience and you’ll have a great blog.

    One thing. I notice the ‘About’ page, but no – contact info (as in email) … that would be a good addition.

    All the best!


    Thanks for the comments, it’s nice to know that someone appreciates my work.

    As for the comment you made on the About page…there is a link to my email address…I guess that since I didn’t state it (it was the word “email” href-ed), it wasn’t immediately obvious.

    Hope you will visit it again,

    Clean and nice design. I think it would look nicer with some kind of photo or perhaps more creative fonts in the header.


    I like it too. Nice simple design that is uncluttered. Good job!


    That is a really great-looking site. You are quite talented for one so young. Best of luck in your college decision. My niece goes to Johns Hopkins. Have you looked at RIT (my nephew goes there)?

    Good luck with your site. The design is good, but the font size is very very small.

    Hey guys, thanks alot for the positive feedback.

    I changed the header image to a photo.

    As for the post headers, I am planning on using that WP plugin that generates images with beautified text.

    Thanks again.

    I might suggest that you decrease the opacity of the quotation images that serve as the background to your quoted material. While still readable, it may be easier on the eyes of some of your older visitors to have to strain less to distinguish black text from a dark gray image.


    Thanks for the comment, I would have never thought of that…

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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