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    This used to be a good plugin. Was. The plugin in total consists of 2 plugins. If you don’t register, you have an old plugin that is not GDPR compliant at all. When you register, you get a GDPR-compliant plugin, but only for a moment. You do not know that you have been sent an email asking you to confirm your email address (there is no such message). The mail ends up in spam, and the plugin without address confirmation stops working and returns to the GDPR-incompatible mode, also without notification. When you try to confirm the address by finding an email in spam, it turns out to be impossible, also your account does not exist, and it is not possible to register with the same address. This is embarrassingly unprofessional and a waste of time. Interestingly, the company itself does not use its plugin on its website, and its GDPR banner is not GDPR compliant and violates EU law.

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