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  • Hey guys,
    Seems like I’ve got a big, jumbled up mess here.

    First things first: my WordPress install is on a AWS EC2 instance. The domain name is being routed to Route53 using NS records (although my nameservers are still pointing to my registrar).

    I’ve got an A name record pointing to the EC2 instance IP address.
    The website works all fine at (no “www”).
    I enabled and configured MU according to the codex with subdomains enabled and some issues happened immediately. First, resolves find, but clicking on any link produces a “could not connect” error at “”. produces {“”. The “IP” is literally the EC2 IP address where the instance is running.

    I’ve tried many a few things already, including:
    1) 301 redirects
    2) disallowing users from creating sites in wp-config
    3) using AWS elastic IPs
    4) not routing my domain through Route53

    It seems to me that this is a EC2/WordPress MU compatibly issue.

    Specific searches for AWS/EC2/WP MU issues turn up nothing on Google or the WP forums.

    Has anyone experienced this issue before, or any suspicious on what I can try to fix this?


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