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  • asocalguy


    I have a question about how to use the “Server CNAME domain” field to make sure I understand how it works.

    I’m going to move all my sites to a new hosting provider and I want the move to go smoothly. Right now I’m using an IP address configuration for WP MU Domain Mapping. If I leave it as is, I’ll have to edit the DNS for every client site when I switch the IP of the site. If I understand correctly, I can use the Server CNAME domain field to avoid this; am I right?

    Let’s say I have my WPMU install at I have an A record set up for and it points to the same IP address as my WPMU installation. Can I add to the Server CNAME domain field and then set up records at GoDaddy (and other registrars) to point a client’s domain ( and to with CNAME records? Is there any reason to use in this example or can I just use

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • asocalguy


    As a follow up to this, I found that GoDaddy doesn’t let you point the root domain ( in this example) at a cname. But an A record requires an IP address. is there any way around this so I can move the sites without having to run through every client’s DNS setting after I pull the trigger on moving the WPMU network?

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    The CNAME or IP address in the settings is only for display in the user domain mapping tool. It has no effect on the functioning of the plugin.

    I get that but in the end I think my question is more conceptual regarding DNS. I get that the plugin can accept either an IP address or a CNAME but it seems like a CNAME won’t work since not all domain registrars will allow you to map a domain to a cname. In fact, I’ve ready that doing so is against how DNS is supposed to work.

    So, in the end, I’m trying to figure out if there’s some way I set all the domains on my network to point to a CNAME and then edit the cname once in my DNS rather than having to touch a couple hundred sites on my network.

    Does that make sense?

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