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  • I have had a WordPress site for years. Today I went looking for an old article. When I clicked on the link it was gone. There is NOTHING older than 2 years on my site yet I have posts which go back beyond 2008.

    How does one fix this bug? I don’t want posts auto-purged. I have not seen a setting which will fix it.

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  • I have never seen a self hosted WordPress blog auto-purge blog posts unless they are using a plugin like:

    What’s your URL?

    No I’m not using a purge plug-in.

    I was quite offended when I found this today. While I do have most of the original posts saved in a directory, it is a real pain to repost and my RSS subscribers will be spammed.

    And the posts aren’t in the WordPress Dashboard either? There really is no way for them to be gone unless they were accidentally deleted or your blog was hacked. Do you have backups of the database?

    They are not in the dashboard.

    I imagine the host of my Web site might have backups, but, I rely on them to keep things functional. I have never looked into any kind of restore.

    I have no evidence of the site being hacked.

    More importantly, a hacker would have done something funny. The only “funny” thing about this is that it is an almost perfect two years and appears to be some kind of sliding window, just like an automatic purge “feature”.

    There is nothing older than 05/26/2011 yet I have entries from before 2006 on my local PC.

    I will have to keep an eye on it and watch for future “slides” of the window.

    What plugins do you have installed? There must be something that was added that is causing this to happen.


    Knowd Traffic Widget
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    Traffic flash counter

    not activated


    I haven’t done anything with a plug-in in years.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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