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    Question about the postmeta “_wordbooker_thumb”: It looks like it’s only used by wordbooker_og_tags() to output og tags, which doesn’t run if the “Disable in-line production of OpenGraph Tags” option is checked, correct?

    In other words, if I have “Disable in-line production of OpenGraph Tags” checked, I can just trim all that postmeta from the db?

    Thanks 🙂

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  • Plugin Author Steve


    Yes you can – but its only a few bytes. I could put in a check to not create it if og tag production is disabled.

    …Actually, I have a 2nd part to that question:

    The reason I noticed it is because I’m moving my wp-content directory, and was searching the db for that string – since it’s hardcoded in all these postmeta entries, all of them would need to be updated to the new path – unless it’s safe to just delete them (which was my assumption). However, while doing some testing, I did notice incoming hits from useragent “facebookplatform” to plugins/wordbooker/includes/wordbooker_blank.jpg – under the old wp-content path (i.e. the one that the postmeta still points to).

    So I guess my question is: what else might this being used for?

    (And my recommendation: yep it would be nice not to create them if not being used – and also, you might want to store them as a path relative to WP_CONTENT const, so that if wp-content is moved, the database doesn’t need to be changed :))

    Addendum #2: Wordbooker appears to have the “wp-content/plugins/wordbooker” path hardcoded in several places (i.e. not using plugins_url():

    wordbooker.php, line 1928
    wordbooker.php, line 1558
    wordbooker.php, line 1240 (which I know is just a link to the docs in the admin panel – but it becomes a dead link if WP_CONTENT is moved)
    wordbooker_functions.js, line 15
    wordbooker_actb.js, line 747

    Do you know whether or not it’s safe to use Wordbooker with a non-default WP_CONTENT path? Has it been tested?

    Plugin Author Steve


    Its not used for anything apart from og tags. I can make them relative.. IF they are on the same server but will then need to rebuild them them when rendering og tags to get the full url as og image tags should not be relative but should be fully qualified urls.

    I can change the hard coded urls… and I’ll have to pass an extra variable into the wordbooker_actb.js script.

    I’ve not tested moving the wp_content directory out of the wordpress application directory

    Plugin Author Steve


    OK – the _wordbooker_og_images and _wordbooker_og_thumb only get populated now if you’re using wordbookers OG tags.

    Three hardcoded references in the wordbooker.php file now changed

    Nice – quick work! 🙂 Does this refer to the next 1.x, or to the eventual 2.x?

    I did move my wp-content; don’t have any posts in the immediate pipeline, but when I do, if anything strange pops up as a result I’ll let u know…

    Plugin Author Steve


    It applies to 2.2 not to 2.1. I’m going to be pushing out a 2.2 beta with all these changes in sometime soon – it depends on how much work I end up doing for work when I’m on call.

    Coo, no prob 🙂

    Plugin Author Steve


    I think I’ve fixed them all…. my brain is now officially mush!

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