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  1. Anonymous
    Posted 12 years ago #

    It's another quirck with the links.
    My weblogs.com.changes.cache has 156KB of fresh updated weblogs, the options for its update are "factory default" (60 minutes and they are working), I've installed it 2 or 3 days ago but it only changed twice, although I know that a lot of the sites on my list have updated several times within this timeframe. The change was minor, it only add a new site on top of the list each time.
    Am I the only one having this problem?
    What can be wrong?
    I'm using this < ? php get_links (-1, '· ', '
    ', '', 0, '_updated', 0, 0, 15, 1) ? > so I guess it should be adding updated site on top of the list, right?

  2. Mike Little
    Posted 12 years ago #

    Hi Ricardo,
    The last release changed the default to not include of the processing file (too many people had perimission problems).
    to the top of your template after the require of links.php

  3. Matt Mullenweg
    Posted 12 years ago #

    You have to call links.weblogs.com.php somehow, either by embedding it in your template ( like require($abspath.'wp-links/links.weblogs.com.php) ) or by calling it through a cron job using lynx or something. When that file is executed it gets the latest changes.xml and updates the database. Also make sure that the sites that are updating are pinging weblogs.com, and that the URL they ping with is the same as what you have as your link.

  4. Matt Mullenweg
    Posted 12 years ago #

    Wow, we said almost the same thing. That's a little spooky.

  5. Anonymous
    Posted 12 years ago #

    Mike, I had already done that when you gave me that reply here: http://wordpress.org/support/6/150
    My header has (took some characters way to appraise the forum gods):
    require_once blog.header.php
    require $abspath.wp-links/links.php
    require $abspath.wp-links/links.weblogs.com.php
    so I guess I have everything.
    As for the files, I haven't tweaked them. They are like you released them.
    Let me tell you something spookier, opening the damn weblogs.com.changes.cache file, shows the updated blogs but they don't appear in the list.
    I noticed that it's adding one blog per day to the updated list.
    Can the above string (< ? php get_links (-1, '· ', '
    ‘, ‘’, 0, ‘_updated’, 0, 0, 15, 1) ? >) be wrong and set to add a single blog each day?
    Is that even possible?

  6. Anonymous
    Posted 12 years ago #

    New info. After I posted the message above, I changed to the short updates file with a 6 minute update cycle and it's still the same ...

  7. Anonymous
    Posted 12 years ago #

    I've installed WP on a different server, used different links and had the same results.
    I've even copied Matt's updated list of links (at http://photomatt.net/) to see if updates matched and they don't.
    After too much tests for my life-size patience, I came to the conclusion that even if your weblogs.com.cache.changes has 2 or more updated links, only one link is updated in the database, so you will see only one change in your _updated list.
    I can't do more than this because I'm not a programmer so please take some time to fix this because it's really not working!

  8. Anonymous
    Posted 12 years ago #

    Mike, I *do* understand it!
    What I'm trying to explain is that if both 3 URLs (URL1, URL2, and URL3) ping weblogs.com, only *one* will have its timestamp updated and will move up to the top of the list in any new installation made with last WP release.
    I've tried pingging manually 4 URLs and even with the difference of a minute between 2 pinged sites, only one is updated on my list. Opening weblogs.com.changes.cache reveals both 4 there but only one is updated.
    I know your lists work fine or else you would fix any problem but new ones don't.
    Please download the file from sourceforge and install it.
    If it works for you, there must be something else besides calling links.weblogs.com.php on the top of the page, configuring links.config.php and CHMOD 666 weblogs.com.changes.cache

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