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    I cannot edit the format for the place holder “#_LOCATIONNEXTEVENT” using the “Default events list format” section

    the plural version “#_LOCATIONNEXTEVENTS” works fine with my altered format and so does “#_LOCATIONALLEVENTS”.

    I noticed that the writing underneath the “Default events list format” text box says “#_LOCATIONNEXTEVENTS” TWICE”. I have pasted it below.

    The format of the events the list inserted in the location page through the #_LOCATIONNEXTEVENTS, #_LOCATIONNEXTEVENTS and #_LOCATIONALLEVENTS element. This accepts Location Related Placeholders placeholders.

    Is that the cause? or am I supposed to edit “#_LOCATIONNEXTEVENT” using another default format box

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  • More info: The way how I changed the default List format is to make it show the thumbnails. It works for the others but not #_LOCATIONNEXTEVENT (Singular).

    #_LOCATIONNEXTEVENT Just shows the permalink. no thumbnail. That is my issue.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    typo, should be #_LOCATIONPASTEVENTS

    curently there’s no option for that, hope to add that in an upcoming update.

    only way to do that atm is with php by overriding the placeholder e.g.

    It says this in the place holder help section.

    #_LOCATIONNEXTEVENT’ => array( ‘desc’ => ‘Will show a link to the next event at this location, or the no events message.’ ),

    Is your method the only way how I can make it show a thumbnail image for me?

    maybe this will help –

    Plugin Author Marcus


    will try and squeeze in a formatting option in the settings page in the same area for just the LOCATIONNEXTEVENT placeholder

    Thanks agelonwl, I really appreciate that. Funny enough, looking at that pastebin finally made me understand the how to make custom placeholders ( I didn’t understand the official guide).

    Thanks Marcus. It will be really helpful. Or maybe it would be quicker to make a clearer option to limit the number of events that appear with “#_LOCATIONNEXTEVENTS” , in the ‘format’ section of ‘Settings’.

    So if I put down ‘1’ somewhere, it will only show 1 event at a time.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    Actually, there is a limit for that, see Settings > Pages > Location Pages

    Hi @adzay
    Did you found the solution for this problem?
    I still can’t have solution for show the thumbnails.


    Plugin Author Marcus


    @ananwebman There may have been new formatting options in our settings page since this last comment, as this should be possible there, please post in a new thread and we can answer you there.

    I mean #_LOCATIONNEXTEVENTS with thumbnail image not limited Event List Limits.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    please post in a new thread and we can answer you there.

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