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  • After testing a WP installation with all kinds of testposts and several extra custom fields (keys) for use with postdata, I deleted all posts to give the owner of the site the chance to begin with all new posts. But now I noticed that the three extra custom fields I added are also gone and I can’t add new ones.

    When I try to add a custom field to an existing post it says
    An unidentified error has occurred.
    and when I write a new post I can add new fields, but the ‘key’ fields stay empty nonetheless. And after saving the post and opening it again, those three (empty) fields are gone again.

    My database table wp_postmeta shows _edit_lock and _edit_last in several places. What happened and how can I correct it?

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  • No one with an excellent idea on how to solve this? I really need those custom fields because it’s for a festival site. Information about events was supposed to be in those custom fields, but now I can’t add any.

    Please could someone take a look at this? I mean, what do _edit_lock and _edit_last stand for in the database? Dot I have to get rid of them when I want to be able to add custom fields again? And how?

    I still haven’t found a solution to get Custom Fields working again.
    Could someone please respond to this post? It’s really a problem for me because the festival for whom I build this site is starting soon and then I need those Custom Fields…

    Since you have no posts, why not just start over with a new database?

    Good thinking ;), but it’s a bit more complex…
    There are posts, a lot, but now event posts are added, and all these posts will have extra fields underneath the posts with info, time, locations etc. So starting all over is nog really an option (I think).

    Other suggestions perhaps?



    I’ve had luck batch importing posts using an excel template I created. It allows me to easily manipulate every record in each of the SQL tables. Do an export and examine the file to see what type of options it provides…good luck!

    I’d also like to know what _edit_lock does???

    Maybe this:

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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