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  • Hi Fredrick,
    I installed release this last week and our site has experienced multiple, and at times intermittent problems, including – slower by a factor of 5x – 10x, failed connection, page never displays, corrupted cache – wrong page displays does not display the proper page for the link clicked. I’ve disabled it now and will try to reinstall a copy of the previous release.

    Our website is

    Follows is our list of active plug-ins:
    Advanced TinyMCE Config Version 1.0 | By Andrew Ozz
    Akismet Version 2.5.7 | By Automattic
    AmberPanther WP Include File Version 3.1 | By the AmberPanther team
    Artiss YouTube Embed Version 2.7 | By David Artiss
    CMS Page Order Version 0.3.3 | By Bill Erickson
    Custom Navigation Version 1.0 | By Ali Gangji
    Custom Post Type RSS feeds Version 1.1 | By Jonathan Harris
    Excerpt Old Posts Version 1.0 | By Jon Galloway
    Facebook Like Box Version 2.4 | By Sunento Agustiar Wu Version 3.3.6 | By David F. Carr
    Get The Image Version 0.8.1 | By Justin Tadlock
    Global Content Blocks Version 1.5.3 | By Ben Magrill
    Google Analyticator Version 6.4.1 | By Video User Manuals
    Jetpack by Version 2.1.1 | By Automattic
    Magic-fields Version | By Hunk and Gnuget
    Manual Control for Jetpack Version 0.1 | By Mark Jaquith
    Preserved HTML Editor Markup Version 1.5 | By Marcus E. Pope, marcuspope
    Redirection Version 2.2.13 | By John Godley
    Revision Control Version 2.1 | By Dion Hulse
    Sharebar Version 1.2.4 | By Monjurul Dolon
    Sociable Version | By Blogplay
    Stray Quotes Z Version 1.9.9.z2 | By Sergey Sirotkin
    Theme-Check Version 20121211.1 | By Pross
    TinyMCE Advanced Version | By Andrew Ozz
    URL Absolutifier Version 1.1 $Rev$ | By Scott Yang
    URL Params Version 0.4 | By Jeremy B. Shapiro
    User Role Editor Version 3.8.3 | By Vladimir Garagulya
    Wizzart – Recent Comments Version 1.3.4 | By Dominik Guzei
    WordPress SEO Version | By Joost de Valk
    WP Minify Version 1.2.0 | By Thaya Kareeson
    WP Version 1.6.0 | By Dialect
    Yet Another Related Posts Plugin Version 4.0.3 | By mitcho (Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine)

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  • Same is the case with my blog (, as soon as we updated our site slowed down to 10x the normal speed. Currently the plugin is disabled and we are waiting for the next update!

    P.S. We are also using CDN service which currently isn’t functioning just because of this faulty update =(

    I switched off the minify option and that helped. I tried reverting to an older version but that didn’t help/

    Version is installed again and everything is stable. Just to clarify, I have the minify option turned off in W3 Total Cache and am using WP Minify Version 1.2.0 for that function. These 2 plug-ins have always played together “nicely” and seem to be doing so again.

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