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  • Well those are certainly some nice looking 🙂 styles. Why not register here ? Welcome to WordPress.

    They look good! Thanks.

    Nice port! In fact, I like your port better than my original style for BLOG:CMS 🙂
    Radek HULAN
    -=BLOG:CMS Developer=-

    Do all these designs fit the default index.php or does it need to be edited at all?

    Default index.php No need to be edited nothing… I have tested it with Opera 7.5, Firefox 0.9 and Internet Explorer 6. But not in Linux or Mac…
    I dont know where to put my files to be downloable. Alex King Site for example?
    Thnx Radek. You know I love(use) Bloc:CMS too.
    Ill register today here, sorry. 🙂

    Now a lot of those designs use float right ?

    Yeah…. float right. I have preserved float (original designs).

    So you are using float without editing the index. Thank you. We get the picture.

    Beautiful designs! Thank you very much



    Volunteer Moderator

    Stevem: Look more closely!

    Root, I know default index.php its not a jewel and it need to be revised but many WP users hate change original files. I suppose your a skilled person in wordpress community. Remember Still Im a newbie. So please (you and testers) if you can advice me about these designs Ill apreciate it.
    Note: Sorry for my english… Its hard to me express what I want to say in english (At leats I understand written english).

    Well they are your designs. And you are offering them to the WP community many of whom may know very little about CSS. I know you say they are for testing but you need to assume responsibilty for the quality of your own work.
    As these designs fit the default index the Alex King site would be the ideal place for them.

    Root, let us not discourage someone who spent a lot of time doing something for the greater common good 🙂
    Thanks riosoft, and as for issues with the design (not that I see any too drastic – but I am not an expert), I am sure that you will get to know as and when people start using the designs.
    You can contact alexking and ask him to host these styles too.

    Yes I agree. The WP community will really benefit from another load of style sheets with borked layouts. Why not?. Lets have more.

    Root, do you have any tips for Riosoft to help unbork the design templates? As you mentioned on your site, many/most of the designs on Alex’s site eventually cause headaches (I went down that route too), so it would be nice to have a few more tempates/interfaces/styles that offer a smoother path for WordPress users. Perhaps, with a little help from you, Riosoft’s designs can receive the UnBorked by Root quality seal of approval. 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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