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    Updated a site to 9.0.3. I see in another thread you referenced: an “icon on the right side of a plugin name to see where it is disabled.”

    I have no icons. Not in the PO metabox on a post, or a page, nor in Global Plugins.

    I have deleted and reinstalled the plugin. Still nada. Maybe I misunderstand?

    More importantly, I **really** miss the on/off dots. We may be unique, but with over 80 active plugins, I’m just not sure how easily to tell what is ON on a page and what is OFF.

    Without the dots, on a page I am forced to scan the entirety of the list on the right to see if it’s there (OFF), and then if not, scan the entirety of the list on the left to then move it to the right. (And then it is *still* listed on the left, even though it has been moved to the right). I understand those on the left are the totality of “available” but previously, a simple scan on the left with the dots would alert me as to the status.

    I know you continue to work to improve a fantastic plugin. I personally find the roles thing in 9.0+ unnecessary, I may use it in the future, but for now I thank you for simply creating a way to not use it.

    I do hope you will reconsider the removal of the dots.


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  • Hey Jeff,

    I see part of the issue. With all the changes, I am testing 9.0.3 on a staging site. In looking at Console, the staging site is 526ing the .ico for the icons on the left column (because of a http/s issue staging vs. production). So they are kinda there, I just don’t see them. That issue would, of course, go away on the production site.

    However, while I now see how the cool ability would work to click on an icon and see all of the statuses, I am of the opinion that it makes it significantly harder to have a *simple* glance at what is active and what is not without the dots.

    We have 80+ active and 30+ inactive (but sometimes active) plugins. To click on each icon as we evaluate the plugin organizer structure of the individual page would seem to be counter-productive.

    I hope you can appreciate the feedback, and take it as constructive.

    Thank you for your ongoing work on this plugin.

    Plugin Author Jeff Sterup


    But if you have 20 roles where the plugins could be disabled, both standard and mobile, how would you display that with the previous way of showing it with dots?

    Valid point. But I guess I struggle to see where the likelihood of needing 20 roles is more prevalent than needing to focus on the plugin activation status itself.

    The roles thing seems more like a content restriction plugin, which may be a valid direction you’re heading with this. For us, it’s always been able resolving conflicts and speeding up page load. This plugin was absolutely critical for that.

    Too bad the roles display option couldn’t be where if enabled, you had the new icon and popup, but if disabled, you had the dots.

    For now, I’ll just need to revert back to 8.0+, as the number of plugins and need to use this as a simple, effective plugin organizer necessitate the more productive usage that version provides.

    Thank you for listening to feedback.

    Plugin Author Jeff Sterup


    I can put the icons back for those who aren’t using the role feature. I have a new version working on my test site that has them. I will hopefully get that released later today.

    Plugin Author Jeff Sterup


    Version 9.0.4 has the red and blue icons if you haven’t enabled disable by role. I just released it.

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