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878studios.com, WordPress setup.

  • I am trying to startup my hosting/design studio. As a long time WordPress user I decided that would be the best way to get it setup. Not only for the easy use but also for what it can do. Check it out at http://878studios.com … its a pretty simple setup, but all in all I think that it gets everything across, and is easy to manage from the backend of things. And if you want to know a little about 878 Studios, I have been hosting friends sites and local area bands for sometime now. I just recently decided that I should take it to a new level and try to make something more of it. Check it out, and I hope to maybe see some of you guys come my way.

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  • Anthony Timberlake


    Where exactly is the WordPress part of this site? I don’t see anything that is even close to being blog like.

    The whole site is running wordpress. I am using a static frontpage plugin. And instead of posts I am using Pages for the whole site. Just because it is running WordPress doesn’t mean that it has to be a “blog”

    ” Just because it is running WordPress doesn’t mean that it has to be a “blog””

    I was thinking the same thing 🙂

    Hehe.. Yeah I have started to use WordPress for a lot of internal and external sites. Its a great content management system. And well especially since WordPress 2.0 and the RTE it makes it easy for ANYONE to make a formated post/page that looks like they actually know HTML… And the theme system is just perfect for about any application.



    Hey! Just a few questions as I want to do something similar to this.

    How did you get rid of the blog and just use the pages feature or if that didnt make any sense how did you do it 😛

    Cam 🙂

    There is a plugin for it. “Static Front Page Plugin”. Or grab a new nightly copy of the new wordpress as that feature seems to be built into it now 🙂

    is 878studios.com built on any specific theme? I like it



    Static front page is built into WordPress now? Where is it controlled/enabled?



    … grab a new nightly copy …

    So apparently the next big version will have it (in theory).

    For the brave: http://wordpress.org/download/nightly/ 🙂

    MrTunes, I created the theme… Well I guess I should re-word that, I created a template and then I pieced parts of Kubrick into it as I wanted to get it up and running asap. And yeah the new nightly that I downloaded like a few weeks ago had static frontpage built in, about time if you ask me.



    “Where exactly is the WordPress part of this site? I don’t see anything that is even close to being blog like.”

    Wow – for having been a member of these forums for almost a year, you’d think someone would know about the expansiveness of WP as a CMS and not “just a blog”…

    Anyway – great job with the site! I’m doing this type of thing as well at http://www.anubismarketing.com but I didn’t use the plugin – I just saved index.php as home.php and replaced what was in the content div with what I wanted… 🙂

    Yeah, you can do pretty amazing things with WP. One of my “favourites” is http://www.shakespeare-oxford.com/

    Oops, but let’s not hijack the OP’s topic.
    The site looks nice, the only thing that I didn’t find attractive are the very short Pages where the footer comes up in the middle of the screen.



    Sorry – wasn’t trying to hijack, just show examples… 🙂 I do love the example you gave to! I wish I knew of more to share as well. 🙂

    Yeah I really need to finish it up so its a little more uniform with the footer… Just been so busy.

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