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    Right now I’m using a commercial solution for sending out my website newsletters but it’s costly.

    I have 8,000 subscribers. I know that Subscribe2 should in theory be able to handle this many emails.

    But my question is what steps should I take to ensure that there are no “time-out” issues? What should I check for in my server settings – if anything?

    And for “Restrict the number of recipients per email” can anyone recommend a number given that I’m sending to 8,000 subscribers?

    I’d like to be confident that the plugin and my server can handle 8,000 emails.

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  • @cuid20,

    You need to make as much RAM and CPU time available to the PHP processes as possible and run with as few plugins as your site needs. If you have plugins active that you only use occasionally and that can be disabled until you need to use them then do so.

    The best number of recipients per email is difficult to define. If you set it as 1 then each recipient gets an individual email but the process takes longer. If you set it to 8,000 then it’s quicker for the PHP code, but the emails look more like spam.

    In both instances it’s going to be a case of trial and error to find what works and what doesn’t work on your server.

    Thanks mattyrob.

    I have a dedicated server so that helps with RAM and CPU time.

    So are you saying that the lower you set the number of recipients to the less likely the emails will be treated as spam? That would seem to make sense.

    I’ll give it a try and let you know how it goes.


    Not really. Spam filters check all sorts of thing like sender, server IP, content and the email header. Lots of recipients in one email header is quite spam like compared to individual recipients but the other factors are still considered.

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