• Nice rip-off. You try to monetize this plugin because you worked hard to make it look and light. I understand. But your “starter” strategy is terrible. You want more money but making 80% of sharing tools paid. That’s simply being greedy. On the other hand don’t think I’m a cheapskate. I have paid plugins but I only pay for plugins that know what to offer for its free version and what features should be paid. Charging for mobile sharing and color change is a total rip off.

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  • Plugin Author Joao Romao


    Hello k1rushqa,

    I’m sorry you felt ripped off and ended up providing a very poor feedback to our plugin. I don’t consider you a cheapskate, and I’m glad you think the plugin looks good and it’s light. My goal is always to provide the best experience we can to your users, while making a sustainable business out of it.

    We used to have a lot of free features on this plugin while maintaining the same pricing ($9 per month). What we saw (and I’ve written about it on our blog) was that free users rarely used more than 1 or 2 features and, even in the customization part, they were going by default 90% of the times.

    On the other side, we’d have paid customers leavening us because the free plan was great or because there was little feature value for what they’re paying.

    What we did was shift some of the free features/customization to the paid plan, so we deliver more value (per dollar) to our customers and maintain the expectations of most of our free users (while providing great and free support).

    In the middle, I guess some dear users (like yourself) lost their proper experience. Perhaps these were looking at a broader range of features for no cost (which I don’t think is your case). Nevertheless, the current Starter Plan users take advantage of several paid features:

    • Mobile Share Bar
    • Mobile Follow Bar
    • Image Sharing
    • Big Total Shares Horizontal & Floating
    • Subscribe Bar
    • Price Alert
    • Extended Customization (Shape, Color, Twitter handle in several apps)
    • Address Bar Tracking
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Google Analytics Integration
    • Social Sharing Analytics

    All the best,
    Let us know what we can do for you.

    John, CEO.

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